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Your Sex Position Guide

Your Sex Position Guide

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The Sex Position Guide

Featuring 215+ 3D Rendered Illustrations.

Popular Positions:

Cunnilingus Sex Positions


Who doesn't like options when eating out? Our cunnilingus menu offers more way to have clam than most can remember!

Doggy Style Sex Positions

Doggy Style

Some might argue that doggystyle is the most natural positions group... meanwhile others would add that it's probably the best for adding a spank or two.

Fellatio Sex Positions


Whether you're preparing wood for future use, or just blowing for the fun of it, diversity is a must to keep things fun and to avoid a sore neck.

Missionary Sex Positions


Missionary's combination of intimacy, flexibility and comfort keep everyone coming back for more... and they can be practiced anywhere with ground!

Popular Guides:


Performing well is extremely pleasurable for her & for you. Do your homework, be gentle and listen to her responses & you really can't go wrong...

Dirty Talk

It's not what you say - it's how you say it! A wonderful turn-on, or turn-off. Here are the basics to make sure it is received the right way...


Fellatio, oral sex performed on a man, is a great way to give pleasure; regardless of whether it is for foreplay, after play, or the main event.

Massage - Anal Fingering

A wonderful internal massage appreciated by men & women alike! Put your inhibitions down as you "boldly go where no (wo)man has gone before!"

Latest Toy Reviews:

5X Finger Vibe

This powerful yet quiet vibrator can be worn on your digits for maximum control; it’s pleasure at your very fingertips. 7.5/10

Vanity Vr10.5

'Jopen' your front door to the skilled craftsmanship of female sex toy visionaries! It's Vanity - but the lady's worth it! 9.5/10

Luna Pleasure Beads

A Bead System that takes on the concept of Kegel Exercises to encourage your vaginal fitness & boost your level of sexual gratification. 8/10

Lelo Mona

The uses of this elegantly designed body stimulator are practically endless - your Mona will have you moaning in no time! 9/10