OP: I'm 15, he's 20... is this ok?

I am sorta with this man and he is 20. I am only 15. We haven't done anything sexual, but I am afraid we will. Do you think this is ok?

x6x cheeta x9x

Posted: 30 Sep 21:36


no not really
if its illegal then it usually isn't right. i mean you are underage and yes 5 years isn't a big age gap when you are 20 and he's 25 but at 15 it is.
i mean you wouldn't do something w/ a boy who's 10 right?
same principle.
besides what does a 20 year old have in common w/ a 15 year old. he's probably just looking to get laid.
but thats just my opinion.


Posted: 30 Sep 21:37

Your question is a bit bland. You need to tell us if you love each other, how long you've been together, do you hang out alot? Is he a scrummy dude with a small dick who just wanders around looking for teens?



Posted: 30 Sep 21:37

it depends on the situation.. I like demonbuttercups point of view... would u date a 10 yr old?

Dirrty LiL Duckie

Posted: 30 Sep 21:37

no, he's a very sweet guy. We aren't together, like dating really, He's just someone that I want to mess around with, I guess if you could put it that way. I'm a virgin, he's experienced, I knowhe could help me out. I trust him, I don't love him, but he's a nice guy.

x6x cheeta x9x

Posted: 30 Sep 21:38

Demon is spot on. At 15 and 20 your interests are not compatible. At 20 and 25, that may change. At 25 and 30, it is not an issue.


Posted: 30 Sep 21:38


I know it makes YOU feel cool because your friends see and "older" man who's interested in you...but it is WRONG and ILLEGAL!

And, belive it or not, he's taking advantage of you!


Posted: 30 Sep 21:38

teknics response excluded, all good answers.

1. It is absolutely illegal and he could be arrested, charged, and jailed as a sex offender, child molester and rapist. If you like him, are you accepting of this outcome?

2. You're "a virgin, he's experienced, I know he could help (you) out." Honey, he's not looking to help you out with anything. He's in it for himself PERIOD.

3. "I trust him, I don't love him, but he's a nice guy." HE'S A NICE GUY?!!! No 20-year old nice guy would even entertain the notion of bedding an underage "friend."

Don't try to justify this with a "I'm mature for my age" statement. The simple fact that you're considering this as an option indicates that you're simply a 15-year old who wants to experience sex for the first time.

Sorry to come down on you so hard cheeta, but you're heading down a dangerous path. If you want to screw up your life, screw it up with someone your age.


Posted: 30 Sep 21:39

When I was 15 I was dating a 23 year old man. At the time I didn't really think there was anything wrong with that. I said I am mature for my age. Well my mother found out that we had sex and she tried pressing charges on him. I wouldn't admit to it, so the police couldn't do anything, but I got in a ton of trouble. After a couple months I found out what a snake he was and broke it off. Now that I am a mother, and an adult, I feel that a relationship with an adult and a teen is WRONG. I can't imagine my daughter dating a 23 year old when she is 15, and I would never date a boy that much younger than me. Save yourself the risk and stay away.


Posted: 30 Sep 21:39

Great question and I’ve been in that very place. I met a girl one day just by accident on a bus which I never took but my car was in the shop. That day started a story that could melt any phone if that at all possible. I worked nutty hours at that time and we would talk on the phone for hours. I would pick her up for dates and she would always meet me in weird places. It never appeared to me that it was weird or out of place and we had great fun dates. I couldn’t resist her she had the most beautiful strawberry hair and big blue eyes I’ve ever seen, and not only that she had a perfect upside down heart butt. I was falling in love with her more and more with each passing date and walk. We would never get time alone for long and she wouldn’t let me near her body. She would make up stories of why she can’t do this or that so I wouldn’t touch her. But yet we would make out in my car sometimes for an hour. Just kissing hugging and just being together. In hinge sight I should of figured out something was up but I didn’t . She always made up an excuse if either her parents were crazy or her sister or bother this and her dog that. I was pretty stupid not to see something was up but I guess in a way I didn’t want to either. But it was interesting I’ll put it that way

Posted: 07 Oct 05:20

It would depend on your maturities. Some 16 yr olds are very mature mentally and physically, others not.

some countries this would be legal (Much of europe has an age of consent of 15.)

anyway, how long till you are 16?

Posted: 25 Nov 13:23

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