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Performing well is extremely pleasurable for her & for you. Do your homework, be gentle and listen to her responses & you really can't go wrong...

Dirty Talk

It's not what you say - it's how you say it! A wonderful turn-on, or turn-off. Here are the basics to make sure it is received the right way...


Fellatio, oral sex performed on a man, is a great way to give pleasure; regardless of whether it is for foreplay, after play, or the main event.

Fellatio - Common Mistakes

Is a bad blowjob better than none at all? Don't take a chance – here’s our list of the major foul-ups & how to avoid them...

Fellatio - Deep Throating

Ready, set, swallow!? It's not as simple as saying "aah", but our guide sure makes it easier to go deep - really deep!

Fellatio - Tips from Guys

From man to you, read on to find out all about fellatio, and how to give him the best blow he has ever had!

Jelqing Techniques

Could it be possible to grow your penis size using jelqing (stretching) techniques? Here's the lowdown on the potential and the pitfalls!

Massage - Anal Fingering

A wonderful internal massage appreciated by men & women alike! Put your inhibitions down as you "boldly go where no (wo)man has gone before!"

Massage - Back

Can relieve an injury, be a relaxation from a hard day - or a wonderful warm-up for something more intimate! Here's how...

Massage - Foot

Shunned by some, literally worshiped by others! Carrying you around all day they deserve to be treated with care. Look after your feet & they'll look after you!

Massage - Foot Jobs

If you're in the mood for some alternative stroking, why not start by kicking off your boots? Toe-tally exhilarating!

Massage - Hand

A few minutes of friction will have them thanking you for days to come – this guide will show you how!

Massage - Hand Jobs

A great massage that can even be (and often is) self-administered! A wealth of techniques described here can turn 'rub & pull' into 'freakin wonderful'.

Massage - Head

The muscles of the face express all our emotions. Repay them with a loving massage to smooth out the wrinkles & soothe in the laugh-lines - aaaaah! :)

Massage - Inter-mammary

Woman is man's 'breast' friend, so it's only natural to lube them up too and bring them ALL the way into the action!

Massage - Vaginal Fingering

Done properly it's a wonderfully sexy & pleasurable experience. Find out how to become an expert & she'll be crooking her finger to invite you in!

Masturbation - Anal

Anal exploration plays an important role in human sexuality. Get the full scoop on how to integrate into your sexual repertoire.

Masturbation - Female

Although still taboo amongst some, now recognized by most as completely normal & to be encouraged. Quite right too! Here's how it's done...

Menstrual Sex

We’ve got everything you need to know about its taboos, pros & cons ... and of course, tips for doing it!

Penis Size

This article covers some of the more common penis size myths, statistics on the average size and performance.

Pubic Hair Removal

If you thought sex toys were just a modern convenience - think again! Our ancestors taught us a thing or two...

Role Play - Introduction

Not just dressing-up, this is where you both take on the persona of your roles to really live it out, even if only within the confines of your own home.

Role Play: Law & Order

Throw the book at ‘em officer! And guys, if you don’t show the proper restraint, you may end up in solitary…

Role Play: Medical

Is there a doctor in the house? Don’t worry, with medical role playing you don’t need an MD to perform these kinky procedures...

Self-Examination - Breast

Find out how to perform one of the most effective procedures to protect you against the risk of breast cancer.

Self-Examination - Testicle

Self-exams are not just for the ladies; knowing your body could save your life! Find out what you can do to help yourself.

Strip Teasing Guide - Hers

What man wouldn't go gaga over a woman stripping for him!? Check out our her guide to do-it-yourself striptease seduction.

Strip Teasing Guide - His

Learn the simple techniques that'll have them begging to be yours - and maybe even stuffing money down your shorts!

Tongue Piercings

Many people consider tongue piercing to be oral art. Read on to decide whether the 'oral' benefits outweigh its risks.

Top Sex Fantasies - Hers

What exactly do women have cooking up behind their seemingly cool facades? Asking dozens of women reveals our top ten list of most common confessions...

Top Sex Fantasies - His

While some men will be eager and willing to divulge their sexual wants and desires, other men's brains may be harder, or even impossible to pick...


Pulling unwanted hair out from the root using wax - Ouch! But if you can withstand the discomfort, the benefits can last for up to 6 weeks.