Privacy Policy

This notice covers the privacy policies of SexInfo101,, a div of PollQuest Inc.

  • SexInfo101 believes in people's right to privacy,
  • Guests are free to enjoy this website without registration,
  • Members are free to have their accounts purged from our system

We reserve the right to publicly publish summary data gathered from voluntary polls and surveys, as well as aggregated data gathered on sex position preferences. Ex: Women tend to prefer these positions.

The only identifiable information required is an email address... which is required for members to manage their accounts. We also keep a record of each member's last two sessions' IP addresses to aid in combating spam.

Outside of responding to subpoenas from law enforcement agencies, we do not share any member details with any 3rd party.

Any changes to this policy that reduce privacy in anyway will be accompanied by 30 days notice in our forum. Members will be given the ability to express their concerns, as well as destroy their account's data if they would like to opt-out.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text files stored through your web browser to help the website's server identify your computer / the state of your interaction with it.

As of October 2017, uses the following cookies:

Session: These allow users to be recognized within a website so any page changes or item or data selection you do is remembered from page to page.

Analytics: Anonymized website stats help us identify problems on the site, and prioritize improvements and new features.

Advertising: These allow us to keep track of which ads you've seen to help reduce repetition.


We use the Google Analytics platform for web stats.


We use the open source Revive Ad server (self hosted) application for advertising. We only share aggregate daily traffic reports with our advertising clients so that they can verify that we're delivering their ad impressions.

Forum Posts

Lots of people like to post in forums, then remove their posts after getting enough answers... thereby rendering all that time people spent answering their question useless. Consequently, posts can only be edited for 2 hrs... and will not be removed once effort has been put into answering them. They can however be made anonymous so that they aren't connected to your account.

If any post contains personally identifiable information, please contact us.

Email Policy

We don't like getting junk email, and assume you don't either. Consequently, our email settings all default to off... more accurately they will when I get around to building them. The only emails you will receive are account related (reset your password, etc.), and important notices like a coming update to the privacy policy, unless you opt-in to them on your dashboard.