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Welcome to the newest incarnation of our sex positions guide, now featuring 250+ HD sex positions! Freshly revamped with over 100 new poses added, our guide is bigger and better than ever... Lots more are already made, and even more planned, so stay tuned on our forum!

Know any sex positions we're missing? If so, please make sure to let us know so that we can add them to the archive... and same goes if you know of alternate names that we don't have listed yet!

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Folded Sinner

Similar to the Tucked variation of the Sinner, the Folded variant involves extending the woman's legs and bringing them towards her chest. The added leverage of being able to pull on the calves makes it easier to hold a sharper and more upward penetration angle, though taken to the extreme, it can make maintaining penetration a little more difficult. As in the Tucked variation, we recommend that you experiment with bringing the man's feet closer and lifting his back to find the optimal angle for penetration.

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69 Sex Positions

Giving and receiving at the same time... perhaps undeniable proof that Karma is real? If not, at least it's an easy way to get primed at the same time.

Cunnilingus Sex Positions

Who doesn't like options when eating out? Our cunnilingus menu offers more way to have clam than most can remember!

Fellatio Sex Positions

Whether you're preparing wood for future use, or just blowing for the fun of it, diversity is a must to keep things fun and to avoid a sore neck.

Amazon Sex Positions

Fold your man in half and dominate him with this extreme woman warrior on top position. Experience the legend of the Amazons!

Bodyguard Sex Positions

The only other protection you might need is a condom... with the Bodyguard covering your back, you're safe to relax and let go!

Bull Sex Positions

You might find being stubborn as a bull to be a useful trait while learning how to get the motion down in this one...

Bumpers Sex Positions

Going bumper to bumper doesn't have to be the worst part of your day... but not being careful with this family might guarantee it.

Butterfly Sex Positions

Bringing the Guard to its knees, the Butterfly family offers some of the most comfortable and deepest penetration around.

Cowgirl Sex Positions

It's time to ride your stallion... bring your cowgirl hat, leather boots, and don't forget to feed the pony before you start! (Spurs optional...)

Crab Sex Positions

Being crabby has never been so rewarding... but only for those with the arm and shoulder strength to maintain their crabby attitude.

Cradle Sex Positions

Perhaps the perfect blend of cowgirl and bull, cradle positions give the receiver control while maintaining a high degree of intimacy.

Dancer Sex Positions

If the music wasn't enough to get you on the dance floor, this group of standing positions might do the trick... it's all in the hips!

Doggy Style Sex Positions

Some might argue that doggystyle is the most natural positions group... meanwhile others would add that it's probably the best for adding a spank or two.

Groundhog Sex Positions

The grounded cousin of Doggy Style, and perhaps a tribute to Bill Murray... Reliving a day with this kind of a groundhog wouldn't be too shabby.

Guard Sex Positions

The grounded version of the Butterfly family, the Guard family gives new meaning to the phrase 'ground and pound.'

Hanger Sex Positions

Hanging around isn't always easy... nor safe. This tougher group should be approached with caution; things can get slippery once they get wet!

Lap Dance Sex Positions

Just like at the nudie bar, but without the bouncers... You get to set your own rules on what happens in this champagne room.

Lotus Sex Positions

Mixing sex and yoga is great in theory and and in practice... it was even documented in the kama sutra over 2000 years ago!

Missionary Sex Positions

Missionary's combination of intimacy, flexibility and comfort keep everyone coming back for more... and they can be practiced anywhere with ground!

Pile Driver Sex Positions

The name of this old classic conjures up a vivid image, but might make it sound rougher than it has to be... unless you like it that way.

Rodeo Sex Positions

The 180 cousin of Cowgirl, it reduces slipping out while offerring the freedom to make any face you want, and a whole lot more

Saint Sex Positions

Getting on your knees has never been as much fun... and we hear the saint doubles as a great way to work off any sins!

Scissors Sex Positions

On the cutting-edge of position variety, it's time to try running with scissors! Be warned though, most can be a bit tough for beginners!

Sinner Sex Positions

Pleasure from below has never been more tempting. The sinner offers great g-spot targeting with the option to sin through the back door.

Spoons Sex Positions

Not only cozy, comfortable, and perfect for couches... spoons offers great intimacy while allowing both partners to continue lying around.

Wheelbarrow Sex Positions

Wheelbarrow races aren't easy, and the sex position variations aren't either... but they do tend to be more rewarding.

Specialty Positions