OP: Can i get pregnant from semen running down my body?

(I've posted this in another part of the forum, but it looks like-from the dates-no one really views that part, and I'm desperate so I'll post here too).
I was in the shower with my boyfriend, and he came on my chest, and I went into the water to wash it off, and I think that the water flow caused some of it to go into my vaginal area. I washed it off and stuff, but is it still possible to get pregnant from that?
I called one of thoes hotlines and the lady said it was "very unlikley" but who knows if she's qualified. And I read something on line that said it was possible to get pregnant if ejaculatory fluids got on/near the vulva/vagina, and it didn't have to be IN my vagina. So now I'm REALLY worried.
I'm still a virgin though, if that makes a difference.
Any help would be so greatly appreciated. Please.
and thank you.


Posted: 27 Sep 04:44


highly unlikely that you would be. very highly.

however, anything is possible.

BUT, do not fret about this. you worry yourself to death and you're just gonna get worse.

if you're extremely worried, and it's been say a week or so, go take a pregnancy test. if it comes back negative, breath a sigh of relief [no, they're not 100% accurate but go with me for a minute] and wait for your period, but again, don't stress. you stress and you're gonna delay your period, which will just cause you to stress more.
if your period comes, yay for that.
if it doesn't, wait a few more days to a week just to make it's not just delayed, and take another pregnancy test.
if it comes back negative again, well maybe you dodged the bullet.

but (don't you hate those?), if you want to be 100% sure, get a doctor to take a pregnancy test for you.


Posted: 27 Sep 04:44

To be honest, it is possible, unlikey but possible. I would recommed just in case to take one of those home pregnancy tests in about a week or so, and once again a bit later. Just to be sure. You could also try going on birth control like a pill or IUD quick. Although since you're a virgin, the latter one might not be recommended. If you're really worried, just check with the doctor. Really, they don't bite...and if that one does...then you might consider going to a different one.


Posted: 27 Sep 04:44

I think i can say with 99.999% surity that you are NOT pregnant.

Male semen does NOT survive long when exposed to the air and elements. If you had semen on your chest and then diluted it with water (you showered if off), just having the semen passing by your vagina would not cause you to get pregnant. Now, as long as you didn't take any of the semen (undiluted) in your hand and push it into your vagina, you should be just fine.

Stop worrying.


Posted: 27 Sep 04:44

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