OP: Darker skin where I hold my penis to masturbate...

I masterbate a minimum of 2 times a day sometime more but I just like to use 2 fingers.....i do not have a small penis or anything i just think it feels better and I have goten used to it from doing it since I could remmember..... but the top of my penis where i use my fingers when i masterbate is more tanned than the rest of my penis..... i read something about something called Vitiligo and i doubt it is that and i am pretty sure it is from masterbating.....there has been one time where i did not masterbate for about 5 days and it seemed to lighten up a little bit....has anyone else had this? I think it is because i pinch my penis to hard when masterbateing..... right now what i am going to try to do is not masterbate for 7 days staright and i am takeing a warm bath every night of the week and it seems like it does help a little bit at a time.....


Posted: 28 Sep 07:43


Vitiligo is the exact opposite of what you describe. It is the absence of pigmentation.

The glans penis has a unique epidermal layer (different skin) for the shaft or the rest of your body. It is often a slightly different color. As orgasm approaches, most men become highly engorged and turn a purplish hue. This tells women that you are about to pop. But it also becomes more and more sensitive as it becomes more and more swollen.

This has nothing to do with masturbation. It is only what a penis is like.


Posted: 28 Sep 07:43

perhaps you're gripping it a little too hard?


Posted: 28 Sep 07:44

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