OP: We're on Patreon!

Hey Everyone,

We have setup a Patreon page! We're hoping that we can take the crowdfunding route and make this site an ad free zone! https://www.patreon.com/sexinfo101

at $1/mo - you get a supporter heart icon next to their name by all comments and forum posts
at $3/mo - you unlock a zip in your dashboard to download all the gifs of all the old animated positions and the $1 perk
at $5/mo - you unlock a zip of all of the new position illustrations from the site in 720p and the above... that will be updated as they're expanded.

The first 50 Patrons can get the $5 rewards for only $2/mo... as a bonus for being amongst the first to to show your support.

Please note that the zips are for personal use only... and publishing them in anyway requires permission. Please get in touch with us with an overview of what you would like to do prior to doing anything public with them.

If anyone has ideas for better rewards, please let us know... and gratitude to anyone who is able and willing to!


PS: For those that would like to but are unable to, linking to us and spreading the word is always appreciated too... :)

Posted: 23 Mar 06:48


Special thanks to member TiedUp for being one of our first patrons, your support is very appreciated!!

Posted: 26 Mar 18:01

Another shout out... thank you to member Synergizer for joining the supporters list!

Posted: 26 Mar 18:51

Shout out to member rhomus92, thank you kindly for your support!

Posted: 30 Mar 18:21

Patreon has suspended our account... no explanation as to why yet. Will update when they reply with an explanation.

Posted: 09 Jun 20:05

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