Not your problem but I understand your frustration. It is immensely satisfying to feel him come inside me. There are a few possibilities. Consider that we can cause less stimulation with our vaginas than with our lips and tongues and lips. If you get him close before taking him into you, there may be a rapid dropoff in arousal. Most men recover, but this change in stimulation can be an interruption and setback.

The position can make a difference. The movement to get “on top of us” is an interruption and some men find holding themselves above us diverts energy and makes it impossible to make it. Others actually find this tension to accelerate their orgasm. Try being on top so he can relax or place him on his side and drape your legs over him taking him in that way (my favorite position). This also allows you to control depth of penetration. The most sensitive part of the penis is the corona, just behind the glans or head. The tightest part of your vagina is just inside where the vaginal sphincter muscles ring the entrance. If you keep him a bit shallower and squeeze, the stimulation is increased. Make sure he is in far enough that squeezing does not eject him.

The last possibility, as in all sex, is psychological. He may have a latent fear of getting you pregnant or a past partner who had some “rules” regarding ejaculation inside her. I have a patient who has been amazed that she could not bring her husband off orally. When they finally discussed it, it turned out that his previous wife was horrified at the thought of his coming in her mouth and would suck on him with great conditions of his not coming. He had trained himself not to ejaculate in her mouth because he liked the sucking. She called me one day with the great news that they had overcome the “problem.”


Posted: 01 Oct 22:04