OP: Sex is great!

Sex is a wonderful thing, and if you want to, you can try new ways of doing it, like using sex toys, sex dolls, masturbation sticks. Life is about experimenting, and if you want to learn more, you can go to Google or yahoo and search for 'sex dolls'.

Posted: 12 Apr 07:12


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Posted: 17 May 09:50

I actually own a sex doll and its quite fun to use, better than normal masturbating

Posted: 05 Jul 05:42

Are you almost right. I have sex doll too.

Posted: 25 Oct 15:43

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Posted: 26 Oct 22:39

Sex is great.. for me.. :)

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Posted: 21 Feb 10:17

Sex dolls are expensive. And I don't know where to hide the doll. I have a small apartment and guests often come over. And I'm not ready to show all my guests a doll that I can stick my dick in.

Posted: 17 Apr 13:52

Sex is an intimate and pleasurable physical act between two or more people that can be incredibly satisfying and fulfilling. It can be a source of physical pleasure, closeness, and emotional bonding. Sex can also be a way to explore and express one’s sexuality.

Posted: 29 May 06:58

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