OP: (Intended for Males) If you could have sex with that 3-D girl used in sex position diagrams, what would you do?

I haven't decided what position I want to do with her, but it's probably going to be anal. Another thing -- for the purpose of this thread, she will hereon be referred to as "Lily".

Edit: I would like to do the Lying Groundhog with her so I can really thrust without much difficulty.

Posted: 16 Dec 01:06


Her white rectum would be so tight and stimulating. The load would shoot in so many inches.

Posted: 16 Dec 02:02

Full fantasy for those interested:
1. "Lily" looks slightly tall at 5'6"-5'8" and mildly skinny at about 20.5 BMI. She seems to be 20-28 but most likely around 24 years old. Her skin is light, her hair is medium brown, and she seems to have blue eyes. Her face is somewhat oval-like in shape and her posterior seems quite tempting. Her leg is smooth, straight, and lacking cellulite but is only mildly slim in the thighs, although her lower leg is quite thin.
2. She crosses her legs and your stick is already 8 inches long.
3. She's in nothing but bras and a G-string and her mouth is open for you.
4. You decide to go for it.
5. Her tongue strokes your glans, making your male stick go from a pickle to a rock.
6. You shove deeper and hump.
7. Only pre-ejaculate comes out. Next orfice!
8. She turns and lies on her stomach.
9. You know she pooped twice today from laxatives and showered jut an hour ago, so you go for it.
10. Sliding in around the red G-string, you penetrate her and she lets out a moan that is a mixture of pain and ecstasy.
11. Her white rectum is extremely tight and she whispers a thing or two about having an Asian penis in her butt.
12. It hurts for her and she gets a minor anal fissure but she keeps going.
13. You edge deeper and deeper into her rectum and sticky goo is crawling up your stick that is up her butt.
14. The goo shoots all over the place and deep into her small intestine.

Posted: 17 Dec 01:57

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