OP: Masturbating with vaseline?? (m)

I just bought some vaseline from the store to try masterbating with. I masterbate all the time but I never tried it with vaseline. I just tried it last night, and man, it does feel amazing. It really does feel like someone's giving you a blowjob when you masterbate with vaseline.

How much vaseline should you use? A little? As much as you want?


Posted: 01 Oct 22:47



In my experience, it's best to trim your hair just prior to a good "Slick", makes everything much easier. Also, if using Porno, save the best girls/scenes/pages etc until the vaseline has sunk in fully. Timing is vital, as I'll explain below.

Vaseline is almost an external Viagra; once it's sunk in, sensation and endurance are pretty much doubled, again as I'll describe further below. I used it a lot in my sex-starved early 20's, and have used it a few times since.

Now, when you're about a few minutes in, finger out the first tablespoon or so and work it around the base. If like me you prefer to jack without your hand touching the flesh under your foresking, then great - if not, try it, because, the vaseline will find it's way up the shaft, eventually and inevitably getting under the foreskin before the flesh beneath is ready, but you should be able to keep it out for about 10 minutes or so, thus avoiding the mildly annoying burning sensation (same sensation will later feel like a gorgeous, blisteringly hot day that you never want to end!)

As you go along, you'll feel the Vaseline drying up and the friction becoming biting a little, smear yourself with double the previous amount, but not directly onto the meatus. By now your meatus should have a thin coat of vaseline anyway, and here's when you can really fly.

By this time, you'll have forgotten the contents of this post, and possibly your name too. You can touch your meatus freely, in fact rub the vaseline directly into the flesh, squeeze the base as hard as you want, your hand can become a blur, and now you can pull out the choicest porn that you saved till last, without necessarily cumming.

People, you know I hold you in esteem and as friends I simply haven't yet met, so I will NOT lie to you, and for every brag I tell, I can also undertake to tell you something unlucky, too - I will tell it on demand, no problem.

But the honest, friendly truth is that I've shot cum lengthways across the room after vaseline, and this after 3-4 hours, stopping not to ejaculate, but simply because both my hands were exhausted. After a shower, and about a couple of hours later, my system was so delighted by the pleasure, I went back for more. I wasn't thinking about sex, or girls, or anything, yet I felt a stiirring, and that was that. I was hard before I even got out of my underwear, and another 2/3 hours of ecstasy followed.

You might find, a day later, that your foreskin has swollen up (emporarily), making it difficult to roll back when going to the urinal, but it will be a very, VERY small price to pay.


Posted: 01 Oct 22:47

be very careful if you are going to have sex with a condom soon after. many products incl vaseleine, affect the rubber and can cause failure.

But if you are doing unprotected sex, try lots pf vaseleine as a lubricant. Awesome.

Posted: 07 Jan 16:31

I love using Vaseline, it so smooth and makes me cum harder.

Posted: 05 May 01:05

Masturbating with vaseline??
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