OP: I have a question for women

I was having sex with my wife and the most unusual thing happened. It was like her vagina became a vast cavern and the only tightness was around the entrance to her vagina. Some have called this vaginal tenting. Can anyone tell me exactly what this is and how close was she to orgasm and how can I get her to this again?

Posted: 14 Oct 17:06


Thanks for this interesting question!

Posted: 18 Feb 07:32

Sounds like her vagina went into spasm. Awesome when it happens, but its quite rare. Lucky bloke!.

I find the best way to get her to do this is to get her well aroused (lots of tongue and fingers) then fuck her spoons. Reach round and finger her clit while you fuck her. Just sometimes she will do a massive cum and go into spasm. No guarantees!. Wear earplugs!

Posted: 14 Mar 11:17

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