OP: Can a lot of coffee cause a stillbirth?

i heard that if a girl drinks alot of coffee when she is first inpregnated (sp) that it can cause a stillbirth? is this true?


Posted: 30 Sep 23:29


The Question: Does coffee consumption as measured by serum levels of paraxanthine, a caffeine metabolite, increase the risk of spontaneous abortion?

Answer in a nutshell: Only extremely high serum paraxanthine concentrations are associated with spontaneous abortion, suggesting that moderate consumption of caffeine (up to 5 cups of coffee a day) is unlikely to increase the risk of spontaneous abortion.

Whether consumption of caffeine during pregnancy increases the risk of spontaneous abortion is controversial. Several studies have indicated that even moderate caffeine consumption is associated with a risk of fetal loss whereas some have found no increase in risk even among women who consume large amounts of caffeine. Many factors including methodological flaws could have led to these conflicting results. Wide variations in individual rates of caffeine metabolism make it difficult to translate even an accurately reported intake into serum concentrations of caffeine and its metabolites. In this study, the authors used a biological marker, serum paraxanthine, a metabolite of caffeine, to measure the dose of caffeine.

Stillbirth coffee study
Groups with varying amounts of coffee consumption: Risk increase of stillbirth compared to group 1 as a control group
group 2 (1-3 cups per day) - 30%
group 3 (4-7 cups per day) 80%
group 4 (8 or more cups per day) 300%

The surprising result was that a small amount of coffee (1-3 cups per day) was actually reducing the risk of stillbirth by 30% when compared to women who drank no coffee at all. However, from 4 cups of coffee per day or more there was a sharp increase of stillbirths within the first year (=sum of stillbirths and deaths within the first year of life).

The authors suggest that physicians should advise their pregnant patients to limit coffee consumption in pregnancy to 1 or 2 cups of coffee or the equivalent of caffeinated drinks per day as a precautionary measure.

this should in no way be used as a means to abort an unwanted baby. these studies are meant to educate expecting mothers about the dangers of too much caffeine.


Posted: 30 Sep 23:29

I think demon is onto something very important. There are many common household substances that have been used as abortifacaents over the years. Some work - sometimes; some cause harm - sometimes. Any university dorm in the world and the internet, itself, is full of ideas or concoctions to induce abortion. If any of the "herbal" or "natural" remedies are used, there is a very high probablility that the baby, at least, will be harmed severely. Any woman who attempts any of the home remedies for inducing abortion should be ready to have a full medical abortion. The various things used have a 5-=75% chance of causing the abortion. They have a 100% chamce of causing a deformed child.

DO NOT MESS AROUND with home remedies to deal with pregnancy.


Posted: 30 Sep 23:30

Demonbuttercup and Brandye have both contributed very well to this post, you should take in their information.

Caffine is a drug, and alike all other drugs, they are going to have SOME sort of effect on the unborn child, whether they are minor or major.

Forget Coffee for a second. Let's have an example: a long time marijuana smoker has three cones, and is satisfied to the extent they are a little more relaxed than before. However, should the same smoker go for say 15-20 cones, the chances of them hallucinating are much higher, and when a person does this, their brain is actually internally bleeding.

If you've been drinking coffee your whole life (and is less that 5 cups per day as told by DB), and drink the same amount whilst you are pregnant, your body is immune to the caffine, hence your baby is most likely not to be harmed by this. However, should you continue drinking large amounts per day, chances are your immune system is slowly dying, and should you continue drinking as much coffee, it will not be able to fight against negative bacteria for both you and the baby. If you get sick, most likely so will the baby, and it's all a fun ride to the doctor's every day.

The best thing to do to keep you and your baby happy and healthy is by only eating the right foods and drinking PLENTY of water and exercise.


Posted: 30 Sep 23:30

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