OP: What is the fascination with depth over just the pure pleasure of being there anally, orally or vaginally?

As a bisexual with experiences on both sides the whole idea of "going deep" seems to miss the fact that the most sensitive nerve endings are around the head of the cock, near the entrance of the cunt and with anal it's tight and taboo. Is it just the power trip that drives men to want it at it's deepest, some wild elation in wrecking a throat or anus to make up for a perception of size?

Great sex is a gradual building of stimulation that doesn't need gagging or severe anal trauma to be amazing, it's already amazing if you balance precision and creativity over barbaric practices like "shoving it" anywhere!

Posted: 31 Oct 10:06


Vaginally? How would you know what all women feel? There has always been that question, does size matter? That has a lot to do with how deep he can go, and what she feels. No, not every women likes it deep, or likes a huge 9+ penis. For me 8 is enough, and yeah I like to feel him deep in me at times. Sometimes the shaft can be stimulating in the right position. As someone post here, the use of a pillow under the butt makes all the difference to a women. It also has a lot to do with a mans method, thrusting partly in most of the time but sooner or later she is going to want to feel his manhood in all it's strengths plunging deep into her. Most of us tie a lot of emotions into having sex. At least I do, so I could never enjoy a spontaneous one nighter. So I find you post very subjective towards females.
As for oral, not all of us deep throat, not all,of us randomly give oral. From an emotional side, I have to be into a guy, with trust and feelings before I go down on him.
As for anal, that's taboo,
So we are all not the same about sex. I'm in no way prudish, I haven't had a lot of lovers but I've had a lot of sex from the few. I take pride in knowing I give my best, and I'm not like doing a hole in the mattress. I like a good pounding from time to time, make me scream, maybe dig my short nails into your back lol.
As for bj's, love giving my man a good one, but on my terms.
Not all women will see it my way......

Posted: 08 Nov 18:47

@For Fun it's clearly a question for men, so what's with all the hostility just because I mentioned "vagina"? It's not to say that deep is not a part of any receivers needs or that it's not an inherent value in the throes of passion. My question is based off of years of being in all a sexual being, sexual researcher and someone who's work it is to disseminate the truth over the myths and misinformation of a poor sexual education. That depth as an overwhelming focus may be misguided and a poor replacement for not practicing the other sexual skills that make up the bulk of good sexual techniques in a well versed lover.

Might I add that this is just one of the '"feeler" posts I've made to gauge the worthiness and activity of this particular forum, I'm already a regular long standing known contributor on another forum and this one moves too slow.

Posted: 09 Nov 11:46

Sorry you find my reply hostel, but your post is not directed solely for the male audience. Oral and anal sex can / does include both male and female, although I do agree anal is taboo, at least for me. I agree some men do have a need to be on a power trip during sex, mainly within the first few encounters.... I'm finally getting in this, and I'm going to rock her world... which in most cases is not happening, only a painful one sided experience. From my limited experience lol. Only happened once with a ex bf in college, he couldn't even get through meaningful foreplay before penetration.

I think using the term " audience" on this sight is a stretch. I do agree it is slow to say the least. I would like to have see other opinions to our post.

Posted: 09 Nov 13:51

The way you explained your guy "with no meaningful foreplay" is exactly one of the reasons I got into comprehensive sexual educating.

Posted: 10 Nov 11:11

That was a ex bf, it didn't last long. He was after my HS-college first bf. Maybe it was too soon, but we didn't have sex for almost two months of dating. Actually he took me roughly. There's a thin line between rape and taking a girl. Some would say I encouraged him by teasing and heated sensual making out, but I did say NO and Stop several times. I was a sophomore, and 19 when we started dating. After the second date he wanted sex, but I played good girl. After about 5 weeks we started making out, and it progressed quickly, heated car play, then a couple times of heated making out in my basement on weekends where the last time he fingered me doing everything but intercourse, yeah even a few minutes of oral as he fingered f-ed me. My parents were home in their bedroom getting dressed for company. We were in the basement. We stopped, me making him stop when my parents company showed up. That's the back story. Weekends later in my basement again, parents Not home. Making out, but I was seriously trying not to escalate it. Stopping, breaking contact, trying to keep it to kissing. He pushed me back on the couch getting on top trying to get his hand in my shorts. I kept my hands in his chest asking him to stop, but he managed to unzip my shorts, but couldn't get them down. Being on the couch and him between my legs, there was no way, plus I was moving resisting him, kind of wrestling with him until he pulled me up turning me face down on my stomach. My arm was pinned under me against the back of the couch, and I was pushing to get up with the other all,the time telling him to stop. Anyway, he raised off me enough to pull my shorts and pantie below my butt. When I tried to roll over he slapped my butt hard a couple times saying stop and I did as he pulled them down taking one leg out. I'm not sure how he managed to unzip himself, but I felt his cock on my butt. He kept saying stop baby, you know you want it in a few different ways of saying it. One of my legs was off the couch, and he was between them laying on me trying to force himself in me. After several tries I felt him there, first his hand then his cock, and when he finally found the opening he pushed in and I screamed, I was dry and the position was wrong, it was so painful. We were half off the couch him partly on the floor. I got my arm free and was begging him to stop, telling him he was hurting me and he was going to get me pregnant. I was on the pill but he didn't know it. He pulled out and guided me turn on my back but stayed between my legs even though I tried bringing my knees together. Anyway, he slowly penetrated me again kissing my neck breaking the strap on one side of my tank top to get at my tits saying he would pull out. Not wanting to get slapped again, maybe in the face I thought to kinda relaxed and I went with it, slowly getting wet and a little turned on from the experience, feeling he wasn't going to hurt me. When he put my legs on his shoulders raising up off me, I favored him by moving my hips into him. He did pull out, stroking himself coming on my stumach. We rested then I cleaned up the couch and we went to my room where we had sex for over an hour, stopping for shorts periods, and changing positions sometimes me on top before he came a second time. The third and last time he was between my legs like two scissors doing it slowly and in me sooo deeply. It did feel sooo good and I came.
I was 19 and never felt like this, sexing like this for sooo long. When he pulled out to give me oral I orgasmed again, then it was back to that scissor position (which my gf and I use to grind on each other) the third time in that position when he was about to cum he pulled my leg up and tight to him and really started thrusting hard. I was like omg! so many times, then moving me him kneeling cradling my legs he pounded me so hard I had tears in my eyes. At times tightly holding his arms then the sheet even screaming a few times as he came in me pushing deep. He said he was sorry he couldn't stop and didn't realize he was coming, but he kept going and I felt all,the wetness knowing he came in me. But I didn't stop him so my bad too. I always though a guy would know when he was coming, but it's true.
In all I didn't like what he did and I told him he raped me. I did like him a lot. I like the take charge type, but I didn't like the long poundings. Almost every sexual encounter with him he would pound me, often it hurt, leaving me sore for a day or so. He was mid 20's and experienced enough to know it hurt. Like me he is Hispanic and I guess he felt he had to prove something, as he said the last time we had sex. After some drinking and naughty salsa dancing, he said he said in my ear he was going to tear that pussy up (meaning me) tonight. Well he did, a few minutes of good sex, he came and I came soon after. Then the pounding started for like maybe 10 minutes, then doggie where he lasted a minute or two F-omg me hard going deep, me moaning and soooo many omg's and ohhhh shits. Some women like a lot of hard sex, I'm not one. Once in a while a good vigorous F-ing is okay. Anyway, it was over, we broke up after that. One thing for sure, he would make me orgasm during oral, and every time during sex. No I never gave him oral, just a edit.

Posted: 10 Nov 16:04

Sounds like an asshole and a rapist, which while expressing it in such detail may help you release it? It is not considered from men like me as an example of the "average guy" who has been disillusioned on why they feel depth is essential or how to treat a lover for their pleasure. That to me is the goal, a balance of giving and receiving and no one "besting" the other without being asked to do so!

Posted: 11 Nov 09:35

Let's see if I can complete this by breaks end. Excuese any type O's
First to your comment in a new post "make up sex", and in addressing this post... I have only had 4 sexual bfs. My HS to sophomore college year bf was my first. We broke up because he dropped out of college for financial reasons even though I offered to help support him.... My next sexual bf was short term when I was in Columbia. More a lover then a bf.... My ex bf I agree was a jerk, my bad boy expierence I call my pounder. I do not totally blame him for taking me with force. Hence the reason I included the detail. The lead up to what happened is inportant. As for the hard sex, the pounding to show off, yeah he was an ass, and after a few months I dumped him... My current boyfriend and I are going through a rough patch. We have been together sexually over a year... This is a sexual forum, but for the sake of understanding. With the exception of my Columbian lover (fling) all of my sexual bfs were and are well educated and we connected on many levels. I don't get sexual with someone I simply go out with. I don't sleep around. I'm just not ready to tell my bf I love him, even though I do care deeply for my current bf. I only truly Loved my first bf, and maybe still do.

Aside from the judgment, I do find your replies interesting. Too bad we seem to be the only ones active on this site....

Posted: 12 Nov 15:40

I like to mix and match
Sometime 'polishing the helmet' (massaging the glans with the entrance to her vagina) is good, then balls deep, then back to the polishing

This is best with the female doing reverse asian cowgirl. the view is awesome.

Works OK for anal too.

Posted: 17 Nov 13:05

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