OP: How long do you masturbate for?

I think the longest time I have masturbated is for about 30 minutes. I try not to put to much feeling into my cock, if you know what I mean. I find the longer you do it for, you produce a lot more cum, and at the peak of orgasm, it feels so good.

I also do it sometimes with KY, and I have a way of making it feel so much better. Only thing is, I don't last long enough. Has anybody any tips on how to last for a long time whilst masturbating with lube?


Posted: 02 Oct 19:36


We ALL were where u are now!

When iw as in my teens, i could get hard, j/o and cum in 10 or 15 min (often less), then be ready to go again at the drop of a hat!

With time, you'll find it takes alot longer to cum from masturbation, mostly because you'll learn how to slow down your pace, vary the grip and also, if you play with your nipples, balls and ass while just holding your cock, you'll find that your focus isn't so much on cumming as it is the feelings.

And really, thats to core issue here. WHen we're young, it's ALL about the cumshot (cause it feels so good)...as you get older, you begin to understand that the feeling of the jacking can be prolonged and there's ALOT of pleasure from slow jacking!



Posted: 02 Oct 19:36

For some reason I wanna add a female perspective to this thread. When I was younger, I would masturbate a few times a day (I'm also a Scorpio- I feel ya eDJ ) Then i was no longer able to do that because of living situations.
Well, as you can guess, female masturbation is vastly different than male masturbation. We can bring ourselves to orgasm in many different ways. The advantage of this is that when i would have an orgasm one way, I could start masturbating another way, and have even more orgasms. And yes, at first, it was all about the orgasms. Then, as I got more familiar with my body, I was able to slow down and enjoy the whole thing. That can also apply to sex. The first few times two people have sex, it is usually all about the orgasm. Then when they become more familiar with each other's bodies, they can focus more on the feeling than just the orgasm.
So, anyways, I would say to slow down and recognize what feels good where and when and how. That knowledge, and the use of it, will make your experiences much more enjoyable.


Posted: 02 Oct 19:36

well, i'm a porn freak, so lately that's all i've beaten off to. and i do it dry; i always think lube would be such a mess and have therefore never tried. but anyway, if i'm trying to just get that orgasm (i know there can be more to it, but i'm looking for that relaxing feeling i get from it) then i can cum after about 5 minutes. sometimes i'll intentionally take longer though, and sometimes when i'm not in the mood, but need a quick fix, it'll take me a bit longer too.

As for frequency, as many have discussed, there was a time when i first started to ejaculate from masturbation (i had masturbated for a few years prior to this) around 12 or 13, I could go at it several times a night. i think my record was 13 times in a night, but i was sore as could be the next day. nowadays (at 19) i do it maybe once a day, but i've been trying to cut back and at some point to quit alltogether because it has hurt my sex life. i've found that quitting masturbation is harder than quitting smoking.


Posted: 02 Oct 19:37

I understand what you mean.

When you're masturbating while dreaming about having sex with someone, that doesn't really give you a strong orgasm...though. I dream about having sex with certain people that I know. It really doesn't make you as horny or anything.

What makes you hard as hell and horny as hell is either watching porn videos or looking at porn pictures.

As an example, no lie either, I masturbated for at least an hour last night while watching porn on the internet. It's easy to last long. It takes lot of practice. All you do is stop for a few minutes and rest, then start jerking it again to produce more sperm.

I had the biggest orgasm I've ever had last night. Cum just squirted out of mine like a water fountain, it felt great.

Sometimes, I have huge orgasms where cum squirt all my stomach and chest, and sometimes I have small orgrasms. You just need to know the techniques and know what to do.

But having sex with an actual human being may be different though. When masturbating alone, you can get a huge orgasm, but it's hard to keep that huge orgasm when you're with an actual person.


Posted: 02 Oct 19:37

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