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hey everyone. im asking two questions, one from me and one for my friend, who is too nervous to get an account on here lol

my question is simple, i've seen it on many new-to-sex posts, but now im confused. i've been with my boyfriend for over two years, and we've been having sex a few times a week for the last year and three months or so. i seem to be unable to feel him...i mean i can feel him but its not stimulating. he's pretty average, about eight inches long, and sometimes when he drives hard, i can feel it reaching inside of me. not hurting exactly, but uncomfortable. doggy style, if you will, seems to always be painful if hes not staying straight in. i don't know if this makes any sense to anyone. but i have never finished during sex and i know that it is me and not him, because he does everything correctly. my orgasms only happen when i have stimulation on the outside or directly on my clit. i want to know if anyone has felt this, and if maybe i just have a small frame and he's too long for me? im average size, about 105-110 pounds. my boyfriend says he doesnt feel like hes "hitting" anything when i say that it hurts and i can feel him all the way inside. this is confusing but if anyone can help, that would be wonderful.

the other question is for my friend angie. she calls me late at night a lot because after she has sex she's almost always severely depressed. she'll call me in tears with no explination why, just that she was putting her clothes on after her and her boy were done and she felt like crap. shes unable to drive or go anywhere. it takes me nearly a half hour to get her off the phone, ten minutes to get her to stop crying. i dont think its her boyfriend because theyve always seemed to have gotten along. hes not the abusive type at all, and i've been friends with him for years before angie ever met him. i know that he's a great guy that treats his girl right. we thought maybe it might be something like post partum depression, except obviously its not due to having a kid...maybe there is a disorder that deals with this? again, any help is appreciated.

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Posted: 27 Sep 23:43


Ok, in order. You should really read a bit before posting. About one-qusrter of all women never have orgasms. Half of us do not climax from penile thrusting alone but need additional stimulation. I have been at it for a few decades and can count on one hand the number of orgasms I have had without additonal stimulation. I am typical; you are typical.

Not all positions work for all combinations. I do nto like doggy style and have found it uncomfortable with some men. With others, there is no discomfort. The size seems irrelevant but the angle and rigidity are causing pressure against your bladder in the rear entry position. Find positions that are mutually pleasureable.

Now for your g/f. There is a phenomenon known as post-orgasmic let down. It can hardly be called depression but when it is all over, we sometimes feel sad and weepy. Possibilities include that Angie is experiencing a heavy let down or she is dramatizing a bit or, and this she needs to think seriously about, guilt is setting in.

You do not mention ages for either of you. Some younger women do experience heavy guilt over being sexually active.


Posted: 27 Sep 23:44

thank you very much for your quick reply. i do read a bit on here, i just prefer the input of others as well. (also its a constant hope that i'm not really part of the one quarter of women that never orgasm during sex =P ) no matter what site or book i use, they always list the same information. although every women is different, i want to hear it from experience. not just statistics.

i do think that it is pressure on my bladder with the behind positions. im not all that great with anatomy, so i didnt want to guess what was going on inside right away. i like missionary the best...but i don't want to be boring, so often i just let him try something new (boyfriend loves kama sutra). i only ever just find it uncomfortable, never really painful.

ang and i are both 19. she'll be twenty in two months. i dont know if she is also one of the 1/4 of women that do not orgasm, and if she is then maybe that does have something to do with it. i'll tell her what you said and she can consider the optioins herself because i dont know everything about how she feels.

thank you again for your help! =)


Posted: 27 Sep 23:44

I never depressed. I am always feel happy after sex.

Posted: 10 Jun 06:29

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