Although not everyone shaves fully, shaving and trimming your pubic hair is becoming more of a norm. You are showing a good example by taking care of yourself. Does your girl know you do this – or has she not really noticed? If not, next time you are intimate ask her how she likes your trimmed look. Ask her to help you trim yours; a perfect opportunity to ask her if you can help her trim herself.

Try discussing this tactfully with her - she might just need a little encouragement. Express to her how sexy and attractive you think it might be if you were to both try a trim and/or shave. Talk about it as a mutual adventure and be careful not to imply that you are not happy with her as she is, just that it would be an aid to pleasuring each other even more.

Describe how great it would be for oral sex if you both had less hair in the way; perhaps pique her interest by explaining that it can also make your genitals appear larger and more attractive! Suggest starting out by trimming the first few times, then perhaps moving on to shaving part or all of the pubic area. Consider shaving each other if you find that doing it yourself is monotonous.

Posted: 17 Aug 19:20