OP: Got my period during sex... I'm embarrassed!

So i have this kinda embarrassing story to tell and i just wanted to know if it has ever happened to anyone else, b/c if it has then maybe i wont make such a big deal about it.
So to make a long story kinda short me and this guy were having sex and i got my period ... yes my friend came during the deed and i didn't know...he found out jumped up and went to the bathroom...me being the confused one that i am, didn't know what happened till i look down and was like ohh crap...i think that he was a little freaked out well maybe a lot of freaked out because we didn't say anything to each other for the next 30 mins we sat there and finished the movie we started...when it was done he left but before he left i told him lets pretend like this never happened...what makes this situation ten times worse is this was the first time that we have had sex and we are kinda good friends and that i forgot to mention he was my ex-boss and i didn't want him to tell his two best friends that i work with because that would just make the situation worse... but now i just don't know what to do...do i worry about it? does it happen to others? i know that its really gross but what do the guys think, what would you do if you were the guy?


Posted: 02 Oct 23:11


Some guys mind, some don't. He was probably more embarrassed for you (for lack of a better term) because so many women still treat their period and all discussion of it as taboo. If it makes you feel any better, blood is just that and everyone has it no matter where it comes from (your period or a cut). My experience is that most men just try to respect you during that time, but would gladly still have sex regardless. If a man doesn't know how you will react to something, then he probably won't know how to react either. Besides, it happened, you can't change it, so don't sweat it. Such is life.


Posted: 02 Oct 23:11

it seems he was really immature about it. My GF and I did it when she was having hers, it wasn’t bad at all, he might just have been shocked…but if he goes around telling people all the specifics of what you do in the bedroom epically if its something embarrassing for you then he’s not your friend, he’s an ass. I would recommend you talk to him about it and see what he’s thinking. Don’t feel bad. Its not like you did something to hurt him, your had no control over it so if he’s going to be immature about it the he’s not worth it


Posted: 02 Oct 23:11

Exactly, it's not something we really have control over.
This happened once w/ my b/f and I. I thought I would start the next day but it ended up being that night.
There wasn't a lot of blood, just a little bit on him and me.
I think I felt more bad that he had to stop the sex in the middle, lol, and of course after that I was no longer in the mood to do anything else.
But yea, it's just one of those things. It's bound to happen to us all eventually.

I think its weird how guys "worship" the P and spend all their time like trying to get P, but during that one week you'd think we had leprosy or something LOL!
Dont wanna be around, dont wanna hear about, dont wanna think about it, lol.


Posted: 02 Oct 23:12

I love sex during my period. Not for a few days before when I feel crappy but once the flow starts, I enjoy it. Mess and all. If a guy freaks out, goodbye. It is part of being a woman and if a man wants to be with a woman, that has got to be accepted as part of life.

When I was fourteen I would go to great lengths to not let anyone know I was having it. Hell, we all do; what's the big secret. Soap and water solves all the mess.


Posted: 02 Oct 23:12

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