Many people enjoy the sensual act of oral sex. It is an intimate delight that promotes trust and intimacy in a relationship. Despite this, it is not unusual for both men and women to feel self conscious about it. In your case, a lack of experience has been the cause for a lot of self-criticism and doubt. Being hard on yourself not only affects your ability to perform fellatio, it limits you from enjoying what you’re doing.

As pleasurable as it is to receive a blow job, did you know that it’s an opportunity for you, the giver, to reap some rewards? Mainly, it’s a chance for you to watch your sexual partner squirm in pleasure. There’s also a good chance you’ll get turned on by it, so why not masturbate while you do it? (Your man will double over from the visual eye candy!)

While you’re getting over your timidity, 69-ing might be great for you to try. You won’t get self conscious about him watching, and it will be physically rewarding for you. Although many men are visual creatures, you can practice oral on him with the lights off until you gain more self-assurance in your abilities.

Any expectations that you’ve placed on yourself have now got to go. You don’t need to prove anything to your boyfriend; he might have assumed you were a BJ queen, but clearly he now recognizes that it doesn’t come easy for you. Positive self talk and a bit of practice will get you on the right track!

Posted: 17 Aug 18:24