OP: Does the pill increase chance of breast cancer?

I've heard the risks of taking birth control are lower these days since the hormone levels are lower, but how can we be sure of the long term effects? I never believed in taking birth control simply because with all the abuse my body suffers at my own hands (alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, processed foods, etc.) I figured tricking my body with hormones for long periods of time was unnecessary.

So I've become pregnant as a result. Luckily, I'm married and while a child will be a burden emotionally and financially I'd rather take that risk (selfish as it may seem). We hesitated at first about how responsible it would be to bring a child into the world but ultimately decided the other route would be too selfish. So now we're all excited as the day is fast approaching but there is a woman who will not be sharing in our excitement and will never be a part of our daughter's life.

My uncle was in a long term relationship with a woman that, unfortunately, he was never able to marry given complicated circumstances. I considered this woman to be my aunt and looked up to her in many ways. She was family. Earlier this year she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was the result of years of taking birth control. After chemo therapy (and losing all her beautiful hair) she thought she had beat the disease. But it came back and took her life. She died about a month ago. I live in a different state so I was unable to visit her and my last memories of her are from a few years ago.

Please use caution when taking any form of hormonal birth control (NEVER smoke!) and be wary of all prescription medication. Remember that just about everything man made has the potential to be hazardous to your health.

Use good judgement when choosing your partner and always consider the possibility of pregnancy (as that is what sex was designed for) and the emotional damage that can result from sex. Not meaning to be preachy folks. Sorry if it comes across that way.


Posted: 28 Sep 08:22


There is no way to attribute a single diagnosis of breast cancer to the pill. The incidence of breast cancer among women on any hormonal treatment is slightly (very slightly) higher than those who have not taken hormones. Statistically, then, a woman runs some risk with the pill. The same would be true for cardiovascular disease, especially for smokers over thirty-five. But, the vast majority of women on the pill never experience either.

If you run all the data, you will find more disease from pregnancy than from preventing pregnancy. All of life is a gamble - do I accept a Type I error or a Type II error. Each woman, talking with her doctor, must decide what risks she wants to take. Some people choose to live with chronic pain when there are analgesics that would alleviate that pain. Their choice. You took a risk and ended up pregnant. I am happy to hear that you decided to turn it into a happy experience.

Your cautions are well placed but the statement that "she developed cancer because ..." is too simplistic and misleading and I hope it does not seriously affect any fence riders.

Happy Motherhood!!! Teach her well.


Posted: 28 Sep 08:23

But doesn't the pill also lessen some other cancers?
I have heard it can lessen the chances of Ovarian and Uterian cancers?
I guess just like w/ any other drug... you take the good w/ the bad.


Posted: 28 Sep 08:23

Once again, Demon, you are right on. Data on side issues with any drug are kind of wishy-washy.


Posted: 28 Sep 08:23

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