OP: Got trichomonaisis while married...

6 months ago my doctors office told me I had thrich after a routine pap was done. My husband to this day swears he has not cheated. We've gone round and round about who has. He has terrible insecurity issues, and I've often thought he's holding out convined I did cheat, and if he holds out long enough I'll give in. But I don't know that. To say I trusted him before all this is an understatement. I refused to believe the doctor and argued for a while about it. He of course wouldn't budge from the position that this is only aquired thru sexual intercourse. But could it be some other type of mistake? I wish I had asked to be retested. I took my meds and afterward, no sign of it of course. During my initial exam, there was no sign of it either, but I know only about half of all woman would show signs.

Is it possible he is who I thought, a great husband who wouldn't even think of straying or is that simply not possible given my DX? In my heart I would swear he didn't... but facts are facts, and I don't know if Im being duped or we're just being screwed by some fluke. Any answers at all would be appreciated. Thanks.:( :confused:

I should add we are married 15 years and it's been a good marriage so far, the last couple of years a little on the boring side, but I was trying to show him that and fix that, he was busy with work projects, but now realizes I was right about the last couple of years. Not sure if that background helps, theres so much to tell with 15 years under your belt. Im only trying to point out it's a good marriage and this makes no sense. I'd rather have a story to 'get over' then have a mystery disease that came from who knows where. Thanks again for reading


Posted: 28 Sep 09:01


Well, the good news is that it is quite easily treated. The rest is bad news.

If you have been diagnosed and treated, it is important that your husband be, too. If he is the carrier, he will reinfect you. The parasite causing trich lives in the vagina or male urethra. It is most easily transmitted from male to female. Women lovers can pass it to one another through genital to genital contact. Men almost never pass it man to man but, rather, contract it from an infected vagina. It is more easily diagnosed in women than in men. Men may have no symptoms or only mild, episodic discomfort and discharge. Women develop a strong smelling discharge and sometimes have small red bumps internally.

You contracted this from sexual contact. Period. No flukes of which I am aware or can find in my references. It may have been from anothr woman, another man or your husband. You make the call. Maybe the marriage had become dull with help.


Posted: 28 Sep 09:01

I can't type out 15 years of history. I got it, that it's sexual contracted. Was grasping at straws while he tried to cling to a bit of hope that it all wouldn't be figured out. He's finally come clean, and it's a lame story that reeks more of male insecurities and mid life crisises. There's no big story, just one dumb night and a big mistake, not to mention too much alcohol.

Thanks for the scientific info which I was already fully versed. Of course we've all been treated.. I did mention this was 6 months ago.

Done deal - coincidentally I posted at the same time I also wore him down. Marriages get dull for other reasons then people having affairs, so that comment had to commented on. "experts" don't know all, especially when there's a 15 year history.


Posted: 28 Sep 09:02

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