OP: "Causes" of Homosexuality?

Some people claim that homosexuality is "caused" by a lack of "appropriate" role models of the same sex.

I don't have any reason to believe this is true and am not aware of any evidence supporting that idea. In fact I despise the way homosexuality is sometimes looked upon as a "disorder" instead of just another characteristic like hair colour, eye colour or blood type.

But this got me thinking. I don't have an argument to counter these claims. Is there any actual scientific information that can debunk that argument? Is there actually a chance that sexuality is determined by a person's upbringing as opposed to other factors?

Just to provide some context, I am a heterosexual male.


Posted: 02 Oct 23:47


Ah... the deep mysteries of life, including the age-old argument of whether sexual preference is a behaviorial of physical (genetic) result.

I'll bet the answer is "yes."

As far as I know there is no scientific evidence to either absolutely prove or "debunk" either theory. I put debunk in quotes because most people set out to prove what they believe in the first place.

I say the answer is "yes," because there's a great deal of logic and "evidence" that suggests sexual preference is the result of psychological factors such as role models. That's not been disproven.

I say the answer is "yes," because I suspect that someone has put together a strong argument that it's genetic, etc. That's not been disproven either.

You know, it's possible that both are true! It's also possible that both are false.

Tolerate ambiguity, because given the lack of scientific evidence what's "true" is going to depend on who is making the claim.


Posted: 02 Oct 23:48

Well, of course, I'm going to post in this topic...

I find it somewhat interesting that no one ever asks, "What "causes" heterosexuality?" But then, I suppose, when you are in the majority, you don't have to justify your existence. Anyway...

My personal leaning is toward a biological explanation. Of the ones that I've heard, the one that makes the most sense to me is the hormonal wash that determines a fetus' sex. I don't think it takes a big jump to hypothesize that the "wash" could also determine sexual orientation as well.


Posted: 02 Oct 23:48

Thank YOU, Moose_hd.

I hope you understood that I wasn't upset with you over the "causes" remark?? I didn't mean for that to sound like I was directing anything pointed toward you. I just bugs me, sometimes.

Anyway, thanks again. It wouldn't matter if ALL gay people became activists for gay rights, without straight allies like yourself we wouldn't get very far.


Posted: 02 Oct 23:49

Over the past fifty years, scientific data has been accumulating that sexual orientation is genetic and pretty well determined by the time we are born. This does not cause all sexual behavior but determines our primary orientation. We women, especially bi- women such as I, have no answers yet. Almost all the reseach has uncovered factors in male homosexuality and we women are still wondering. As genetic research progresses, most of us in the scientific/medical community expect that similar causes will be discovered in women.

The double Y chromosome most common in gay men and occurring in about one man in a thousand was discovered almost fifty years ago. Research, in other species, has shown that adjusting one gene can cause females to act like ales and vice versa. Matched twin studies show a greater common incidence between identical twins that fraternal twins. Genetic researchers are getting closer to an explanation every month.

Certainly, this is not entirely deterministic - homesexuals of both genders are parents. Some remain married and heterosexually active for long periods - even their entire lives. Most gay men can and have responded to a women's wiles. Few lesbians are virgins. In my generation, none of us wanted to be "that way" because of the social stigma. Today, no responsible person has any excuse for not accepting homosexuality as a natural condition. Bi-sexuality may or may not have a genetic basis; we each may have a predilection but have learned the "other way" has advantages, too.


Posted: 02 Oct 23:49

Hence the reason why I put "causes" in quotation marks.

To acknowledge that homosexuality is "caused" indicates that heterosexuality is the more normal and natural state of being. I have no concrete evidence to indidate that this is true.

And thanks for this link, this looks quite insightful. I'm quite interested in this topic because I need better ways to debunk what I believe to be highly incorrect statements from homophobes. It makes me very angry, particularly in the US where it's often acceptable to treat gays as subhuman. That's why I need more information.


Posted: 31 Dec 23:48

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