OP: Mom Caught me whilst fucking my Daddy!

Hi guys, i'm 23F Washington DC, student of Paramedics, my mom caught me with dad doing sex and that moment is so weird and embarrassing for me, we totally depend on my dad income, however, i try to make money by one night stand, sexting and up for anything. How can i stop divorce between my mom and dad, is anyone also walk through this situation in his/her life? answer me privately Kik @ f.allensusan72

Posted: 26 Aug 04:38


You can't stop a divorce when both your father and you are the cause! There's a line that any and all fathers must adhere to which isn't even in question for most of us and it sounds like you may have encouraged this behavior? Nonetheless fathers don't have or even think about having sex with their children!

Posted: 23 Oct 10:07

Milo, TOTALLY agree with you. I'm hoping its Not her biological father, I know stepparents will cross that line. It also seems she is more concerned with how much they depend on His income. Also she states she makes money via one night stands, sexing and anything goes, what ever that means. So I don't think her standards are very high here.

Are we the only ones on this sight now lol?

Posted: 09 Nov 14:35

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Posted: 10 Nov 11:24

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