OP: Does enjoying anal play mean I might be gay?

I do not see myself as a homosexual, however I can't stop an immediate orgasm when my wife puts pressure on my anis during sex.

Is this common or just weird?


Posted: 04 Oct 22:07


I just wish straight guys would get over this "If I enjoy anything that has to do with my butt I might be gay" silliness. Anatomically it makes perfect sense you'd enjoy stimulation around the anus and inside the rectum . . . . all SORTS of nerves and of course the prostate as well. A lot of guys are missing out on a very rewarding exploration because of this conditioning.


Posted: 04 Oct 22:07

This is quite normal. The anus outside and just inside are richly endowed with lots of sensitive nerve endings that bring pleasure whenever they are touched, yet they turn on and become highly reactive when we are extremely aroused. These sensations contribute to and boost those that come from other caresses.

Sex play and arousal, touching, kissing, and, caressing are human endeavors and activities and are not determined by or governed by the gender of the person we find ourself attracted to. In other words, our sexual orientation, meaning the gender(s) of the people we tend to find an attraction to are separate and apart from what a person likes, dislikes, or is willing to explore when it comes to being aroused and in arousing our partner. As I write this I am trying to think of some activity that is the exclusive province of homosexuality. Which of the following activities do you consider Gay, Lesbian, or Straight?

* (G L S) Fingering the inside of a vagina
* Inserting a toy inside the vagina
* Fingering the outside of the vaginal opening
* Titillating the outside surface of the anus
* Fingering the sphincter muscles just inside
* Rubbing the clitoris
* Gripping the shaft of a penis and stroking
* Grazing the shaft with a lubricated and light touch
* Titillating the glans
* Massaging the prostate
* Caressing and fingering the breast(s), nipples, and, areolas
* Kissing the lips
* Kissing and caressing the skin all over
* Stroking the hair on the head
* Fondling the scrotum and testicles
* Fingering and massaging the labia majora and minora
* Licking, lapping, sucking the labia
* Licking, lapping, sucking the clitoris
* Licking, lapping, sucking the penis
* Licking, lapping, sucking the glans
* Licking, lapping, sucking the scrotum
* Licking, lapping, sucking the nipple and areola
* Licking, lapping, sucking the fingers and/or toes
* Rear Entry
* Cowgirl
* 69
* Wheelbarrow
* Bodyguard
* Arch
* Butterfly
* Deep Stick
* Sitting Bull
* Spooning

If you checked any then it seems to me that you have a prejudicial and myopic view of human sexual behavior.


Posted: 04 Oct 22:07

Great suggestions & thought provoking. Perhaps it may give some new ideas & shed some myths!!!


Posted: 04 Oct 22:07

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