OP: Getting rid of a hickey??

help! is there anything I can do to get rid of a hickey?

Dirrty LiL Duckie

Posted: 30 Sep 22:35


Apply tons of cover up and wear turtle neck shirts and/ or try and do funky little fashion things and cover up the hicky with a shirt or a scarf or something liek that that is all i know and i did.


Posted: 30 Sep 22:35

Hickey problems, haha. Never had one until a few days ago. Went to a party came home with two, more on my chest than neck. Had to go with my entire family (parents, sisters, aunts, uncles...) to the beach the next day and not a single bathing suit would cover them! I'm so lucky I was able to cover them up with foundation.


Posted: 30 Sep 22:36

You think you have problems with hickeys. Theother week my girlfriend and i were fooling around and ended up finsihing off a bottle of rum between us and things got so rough my neck was covered in bite marks. now they are hard to cover up


Posted: 30 Sep 22:36

Sorry duckie, nothing you can do unless you want to try and cover it with some foundation makeup. In my day, girls tried to cover them with a scarf, but you don't see too many of them in the middle of summer any more.


Posted: 30 Sep 22:36

Actually, you can get rid of it, but it's kind painfull.
Here is what you should do: Take a pencil with a good eraser, and start rubbing the hickey with the eraser, you have to do it hard otherwise it wont work. After a while you will notice how the hickey will start to vanish. it will not disappear completely, it will look redish, because all of the hard rubbing, but it will look more like a mosquito bite than a hickey. Some people use a spoon instead of the eraser.
I hope that helps ...


Posted: 30 Sep 22:36

I used a face cloth with COLD water once before. Just applied it and then let it sit open for a while, back and forth for a few hours I think...

Its a pain in the ass to get rid of and I don't really rememeber how.

On another note my friend gave me one the other day and her parents came to town today and noticed it when we were spending the day together. I believe their suspicions of us being more then "just friends" are over....

Can/Am Man

Posted: 30 Sep 22:37

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