OP: Can I tie him down and ride him until he passes out?

My fiance and I have been together for 3 years now and have been intimate the last 2. After he ejaculates he can normally stay erect for another 30min - 1hour+ with little to no stimulation. I don't touch his penis much for say 15min after he ejaculates since he's quite sensitive at this time.

I've had an idea and I was looking for some opinions. I'm thinking of playing out a fantasy where I tie him down and after he ejaculates I just keep sucking/riding/jerking him until he passes out or his penis does. Just wondering if there is any harm in this and if this idea is worth a shot.

I would like both male and female perspectives on this. Is the sensitivity and sustained sexual after ejaculating just unpleasent or is it actually painful?


Posted: 04 Oct 23:51


Not having a penis I cannot tell you what he feels. Consider that after a world moving orgasm your clitoris becomes hypersensitive and you tolerate no further stimulation for a few minutes. In fact for most most women, further stimulation becomes unpleasant and can undo all the good you have just achieved. You may be running the same risk with him.

Teasing stimulation is one thing; teasing torture is quite another.


Posted: 04 Oct 23:51

As a man I would have to agree with Brandye and would have used the same example and asked if you think it feels good for him to continue clitoral stimulation after you have had a strong orgasm. You may already have your answer if he doesnt want to be touched for 15 minutes. The only way I see this fantasy working is make sure he is okay with trying and you must have the same hard and fast stimulation all the way through the orgasm. Still remember though the stronger his orgasm is the less his penis can take it. The pc muscles will just be too fatigued to continue. I have had this done to me with oral. My first orgasm was normal, not too strong but not quick and weak. She continued sucking after I came and after a minute or so the stimulation went back down to a normal amount for a bj.


Posted: 04 Oct 23:51

Many men experience heightened sensitivity in the penis and scrotum after ejaculation and do not desired to be touched or stimulated immediately afterward. If your guy is still erect after ejaculation try kissing and cuddling, caressing some part of him other than his genitals. After a few minutes he will probably be able to withstand some genital stimulation. If you want to work him over until he or his penis surrenders go for it ---BUT if you are thinking about tying him or otherwise restricting his movement talk to him about this beforehand. In this sort of sex the "tied one" is not really a captive, but it is of paramount importance that he consent to being "bound." If that is the route you want to go and he is agreeable you should...

Just make sure to have a safe word...


Posted: 04 Oct 23:51

Whether or not it's painful or pleasurable will vary from person to person and from encounter to encounter. Be sure to communicate like suggested previously. I believe EEK also made a post within the last couple months regarding this situation - the word protoplasm comes to mind

A partner has tried something similar with me a few times and either her or my muscles end up cramping or just giving out so be sure to stay properly hydrated. Somewhere along the line after a lot of orgasms my penis will still be fine, but the muscles around my anus will get tired of flexing so much and will just lock up and while not terribly painful, it is right next to everything else so it's too distracting for other things to feel good. Perhaps include a perineal massage. Also while you may get faster orgasms out of tighter grips and increased pace, over a prolonged period of time that will just lead to numbness and quite a bit of soreness for the next few days afterwards so perhaps focus more attention on all other parts of the body along the way.


Posted: 04 Oct 23:52

OMG! You people have NOT been listening.

I do precisely this all the time and most men LOVE it..after they've trained their brains to handle the extra stimulation which takes a while since most men think "shoot, nap" much to the disgruntlment of the ladies involved.

Just as women can become multi-orgasmic so too can most men. It just takes practice.

1. hydration to the max must be done beforehand
2. he has to breathe properly - deep, slow, calm - no panting
3. he has to RELAX everything which requires a certain level of trust
4. You, the lady in question, MUST begin with 'ghosting' and work slowly up from there over multiple sessions before you can move onto actually doing fellatio or subsequent intercourse with his 'used' but erect penis

The process is the same but men require a longer training period to achieve the same level since they're not built the same way.

Now if he is one of those men who simply cannot retrain their brain, you will have to use the The Program with intervals of Body Worship during his refractory period to get him re-erect.

BTW tying him down can be just one wrist, a dog leash and the leg of the bed - the effect is much the same even if he can 'get away'.


Posted: 04 Oct 23:52

Hello all and thank you for all your responses.

It seems that your the resident expert here EEK so if you don't mind I would like you to elaborate. First a little info about our sex life. We have also have tried light bondage with the tying on the hands or a soft spanking device. My fiance and I have been using the program since the spring and he is multi-orgasmic when he rides the edge. He is 26 and uncircumcised if that matters.

So would I just simply up the situation slowly over a couple of weeks until I stimulate him orally or by intercourse since we have been practicing The Program and Body Worship for a while? Would it be inadvisable to go at it the first time to see how much stimulation her can take?

Just as a fun question what is the most number of times you've gotten a man to ejaculate before he lost his erection?

Thanks again


Posted: 04 Oct 23:52

It is not simply a matter of number of times ejaculating without losing erection. Most of us have had multiples there (three times in one condom without withdrawing and none times is two hours) but you focus on intense stimulation right after ejaculation. There is a difference. If he proceeds at his pace, it will work. If you do not allow a bit of time to pass the hypersensitive phase, varies with each man, you will end it right there.


Posted: 04 Oct 23:53

Yes, you just up the game gradually as he becomes accustomed. There's no need to rush, hun. Do NOT go in full-bore to see how much he can take - that will only set him back and you'll have to begin all over again.


Posted: 04 Oct 23:53

Having an uncircumcised penis simply means that he has a great many more nerves (because of the Foreskin) all of which (including those in the Glans) that are much more sensitive and responsive than those located in the Glans of a penis that has had the Foreskin removed. This is because the Foreskin covers and protects the Glans. For those of us who have been circumcised, these nerves have become dulled over time due to exposure to the elements and from rubbing against clothing.

Why would it be "inadvisable" to see how much stimulation he can take? Isn't this the objective? Begin as soon as you want. This afternoon? Evening?? Tomorrow morning? No need to wait two weeks at this point since you two have already been stimulating each other orally and/or manually.

It is important to understand that guys become much more aroused when in the company of a partner than when home alone taking matters into their own hands. This is because of the pheromones and "sparks" flying between you. So expect that you will be able to turn him on to a much greater degree than what he can do alone. This is for starters. If you have been reading the articles listed in the Index then you probably know that it is important for the two of you to work with each other on how to work your hands when it comes to stimulating each other by mimicking your partner's movements and techniques all the while providing verbal or non-verbal feedback on how you are responding and for what you need now/next.

It is also important to understand that while you can stimulate him a lot more, it may not be the path required for him to achieve a climax. So when this occurs, you will have to back, off let him slide down his arousal curve somewhat, and then you will have to mimic his technique when it comes time for him to climax.

Erections come and erections go, much of the time as if by whim. A person's age and how he is "wired" also enter into the equation. So, you may find that during one session he loses his erection soon after ejaculating, yet at another time his erection will maintain. You cannot predict what will happen.

The question to ask instead is "how many ejaculations can he have during one session {multiple orgasms)". I understand that it may be fun to keep your guy going time and time again in quick succession; however, while this may happen occasionally, more often than not, you will have to wait for two situations to pass. First, waiting for his hyper-sensitivity to go away; second, for his refractory {down time) period to pass. This can be anywhere from several minutes to half an hour for younger males. **

Again, depending upon age, "wiring", inherent sex drive, and how many orgasms he has had in the past 24 hours, he may be able to conjure up only one, perhaps two or three more. A young boy just out of puberty might be able to have half a dozen orgasms for a few months. Each additional multiple in the string will require more effort to trigger, and, with each, the volume of semen will be less than the one before. The intensity of each will also be less and less, although not necessarily less enjoyable. At some number his body will simply refuse to respond for several hours.

** It is incorrect to believe that if a man's erection subsides that lovemaking is over. WRONG. Rebuild it! Women love to watch her man's endowment grow in her hands. Women also love to use the shaft of his penis as both a brake and throttle over which she controls his speed and progress toward an eventual orgasm. Such control--such fun.

Variety is spice, so too are spontaneity and unpredictability.


Posted: 04 Oct 23:54

doesn't sound like a bad idea, but you might want to find out how he feels about being tied up before actually doing it (ask him a couple of days before going through with your plans). And be gentle on him. If you're unlucky, continued stimulation might just make him lose his erection.

good luck :)


Posted: 04 Oct 23:54

I just happen to drop by since it's been a while and had some time to kill and saw my old post here.

To give a bit of an update after nearly 2 years of practice now I can get my husband to ejaculate 3, sometimes 4 times before he loses his erection. Mind you we're still relatively young (under 30) but I would definitely suggest testing your man's limits and see how far you can take it.

My favorite thing to do now is to slowly up the stimulation between orgasms. For example for round 1 I will only use my hands, followed with oral in round 2 and full intercourse in round 3.

Like EEK suggested take it slow and slowly work your way up. After all it could take a year or 2.


Posted: 04 Oct 23:56

I'm just catching up here... but I agree with Evilkitten.
Most men seem to want to Cum and nap. I haven't been around that much, but that's mostly girl chatter. So speaking for the three bfs I've slept with, they didn't have a problem with me playing with their penis after ejaculation, and me getting on top shortly there after. Just taking it in enough for him to go through sooo many omg' S because IT was still so sensitive . My ex bf liked to leave it in me after he came, depending on the position, or he would put IT back in himself, maybe guiding me on top so that I could grind slowly. It was such a great feeling for him. As for myself after I've orgasmed, depending on how deep it was. It was soooo mind blowing for him to keep thrusting slowly. He knew to thrust at different depths to get my reactions. He would try to make me climax again, a few times I did and I thought I was going to pass out because of his verious speeds and depths. So don't hate on me if I sleep with him gain in a month or sooner lol.

Posted: 11 Apr 21:58

First, wait until you have married him to have sex with him.

You should talk to him about stimulating him post orgasm. A lot of guys with writh because it is uncomfortable, maybe even a bit painful, but kind of erotic. I actually like it, but I am not as sensitive as I am the time I had my wife first try it on me.

Post-orgasm intercourse is fun. Full body contact makes 'taking it' more erotic and tolerable, but if you want to give him the full over-stimulation experience, hands are the way to go.

Use a good lube, not saliva. Not semen. Semen is sort of dry and gritty and can irritate the head. It's best if you can get him to ejaculate in some position where it will not get all over his head. Penis facing down works, but that's hard to do. My wife and I have a plastic mat made of the material used to cover furniture. She points my penis toward my belly to get the ejaculate on the mat before proceeding with the post ejaculatory torture, as it is called. A wet wipe to get that little bit of semen on the tip off before proceeding can also work.

Lubes can be a water-based lube. I usually use generic that is like K-Y with a squirt bottle to squirt water on to keep it slick enough. Lots of coconut oil can work, too. Lube applied before handjob begins.

If you are going to torture him by stimulating the penis post-orgasm, you'll need to tie him up first. I've got some straps that I made out of a roll of velcro with carabiners and key rings in the middle. One side is fuzzy velcro. The other is pokey velcro. Attached the ring in the middle to rope or twine. You can run the length of the twine under the bed and tie it to a strap on the other side. Wrists strapped to thighs can work.

Okay, so first start by getting his permission. If he's interested in feeling what it is like to get stroked after orgasm, he can agree to being tied up first, and also how long to continue. You can negotiate to agree until he loses his erection or set a certain period of time, say a minute or two post orgasm, or five, or whatever.

Then give him a hand job. Edge him many times. Make sure he's strapped before he has an orgasm. Then, how do you play with him?

You want to keep him erect so you can 'torture' him longer. You can do this by making a ring out of your thumb and forefinger and holding the base of the penis tight. You could also use a penis ring, but it may make the sensations more unpleasant.

You can play kind of nice and mercifully, or play cruel. It's best to mix him up. If you don't overstimulate him some, what's the point? Merciful is stroking from the base of the penis up to the 'neck, the frenelum. It might be a little sensitive and difficult to take post orgasm, but it is kind of nice. Cruel is playing with the penis head. If he's uncircumcised-- I have no experience with that-- but you might need to retract the foreskin for this part. Anyway, you can just stroke his head like you are giving him a normal handjob. You could do that, but squeeze harder. You can treat the head of his penis like a ketchup bottle you can't remove, squeezing hard and twisting. You could use your palm and run it all along the front/top part of the head of his penis. He's probably got to be tied down for this to be able to take it.

So you can mix it up. Give him the gentler strokes a few times, then play with the head.

How to talk to him during this time: playful, teasing, giggling-- stuff guys find sexy. It's sexier if she enjoys herself. You could also be compassionate, "I know your sensitive, but I am doing this for your own good. You need the pleasure." "You've got more sperm in there that needs to come out. I'm helping you, Honey. Just hang in there for a little while for me." If he says it hurts or it's too sensitive, you could say, "That's why your tied up, Honey." "But you need it Honey. You need another orgasm." IMO, this is not the time for mean or angry play.

But watch out for cramps. Make sure he's hydrated.

If really want to give him the full experience, you can keep going as long as he's hard. But he may still be sensitive when he's soft, so you could keep playing for a little while after he loses his erection. If you keep playing until he totally calms down, that may be a trick to get you to stop, so you can keep playing for a while after that, too.

He might be writhing in discomfort and have an another ejaculation. You could play with the head a bit harder after the second ejaculation, too, if that works, and see if that can turn into a third and a fourth, etc. Or he may be sensitive for a while, stay hard, but just feel kind of numb and board, and then, as you stroke, start to work up to feeling stimulated again, orgasm again, and you could keep playing after or let him end or whatever.

My wife has played with me like this. I had sort of trained myself to take some stimulation, continuing sex past orgasm, so I could usually keep an erection past orgasm for a while already when we started playing like this. Still, at first, the hypersensitivty was often overwhealming. Nowadays, I often do not experience much in the way of hypersensitivity. I feel a little, sometimes, but I do not have to be restrained.

I ask my wife to do this to me. It's hot when she's doing it and I tell her, "Ooh, the head is sensitive"-- trying to get her to lay off, and she just hammers through and keeps on going. It's fun if she smirks or is playful about it.

Probably for a first go at it, you should ask your husband how long to keep stroking afterwards. Maybe you'll go for a minute. Be fun and flirty during the experience, and he may remember it erotically and request it later. What you may find is right after, he will say he never wants you to do it again. You can tell him to think about it and let him know later. Offer it later. After a while, he may begin to fantisize about it and ask for it, and you can up the duration and intensity.

Eventually, you may be able to get his penis used to staying hard after ejaculation. This is good for the woman-on-top position. I like this kind of post-orgasm play, but I find it hard to thrust well after orgasm. Leg, hip, thigh, etc. muscles feel tired. But in woman on top position, it's no problem. My wife can do a bit of post-orgasm 'torture' if she is on top and tightens up, puts her legs together and does really long thrusts. If she wants to, she can keep going and having sex like that. Usually, though, I last longer than she wants intercourse to last, so staying hard after ejaculation is kind of a wasted talent in some ways.

Posted: 11 Oct 20:59

the key is post orgasm to be VERY gentle. Keep him inside but move very little. or do your pelvic floor exercises!. then slowly ramp up your movement. watch his reaction and ramp back the action if necessary.
Get him to grope your arse, kiss his face off, talk filthy. anything to get the sap rising again.

Posted: 25 Nov 13:20

I am going to be the contrarian point of view. Look, you're already in a relationship and because you are a woman you have license to go all out on your man (yes! but not the other way around, that's different). Take charge, go all out, make him endure the post orgasm torture without any break for hours or until he passes out. If he passes out be sure that when he wakes you are still massaging him aggressively. Furthermore, be very vocal in a seductive way throughout the entire experience, tell him he needs this, how he's proving himself, and so on. When you are done, as long as it was a very long experience, his mind will create a bond to you that currently doesn't exist, and that's the secret no one is telling you. Instead, all previous advice is weak, people are being pansies by saying being gentle, getting permission, and all that nonsense. He is a man, work him hard as if he is a man regardless of his sensitivity, exploit it fully, in the sexiest most seductive way you know how in order to bond with him like you never have before and to make him become an even stronger man.

Posted: 12 May 23:21

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