OP: Interracial sex

I'm American Columbian, born here. I'm 26 and I have had 4 sexual bfs. Both white and Hispanic. However I have this erge to want to sleep with this Black guy. I've been out with him a few times, naughty hip hop dancing lol. He's not particularly handsome or the type of guy I go out with. He's intelligent and a nice guy. However, last weekend at the salsa party, so much close dancing. Him grinding on my butt, I could feel his excitement agents me. My imagination was running wild, so after we stopped I "accidentally" on purpose leaned agents him and felt it. Of course saying "excuese me" as if I didn't notice what I had done. Point here is that if he wanted I would have had my first one night stand, so to speak. I just have this feeling to have sex with him, only because he's Black....
I shouldn't leave out that I have a bf, he's handsome and a good sexual partner, most of the time lol.

Posted: 16 May 23:14


It's a pretty common phenomenon. Some consider it racist... and would be very displeased about being objectified this way... meanwhile others have no issue with it.

Are you and your bf in an open relationship?

Posted: 24 May 16:10

I agree, it does seem racist, but it is only something I fantasize about. I would not act on it. Although he does turn me on when we are together, but no physical action other then dancing.... I only started "seeing him" during one of our breakups with my bf.

Posted: 25 May 15:17

"I would not act on it." - Why not?

Posted: 25 May 16:45

Interracial sex and dating is a good topic.
Personally I would only have relations with a girl, that's my own kind (Jewish), as I'd like to preserve my own people and culture, rather than intermarry and have my bloodlines and culture erode away.

Posted: 15 Apr 13:50

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