OP: She took her pill 5 hrs late...

Well me and my girlfriend have been together a fair time now, and sexually active for 6 months or so. She is on the pill and we also use condoms. Unfortunately however she forgot to take her pill on sunday night, instead taking it monday morning and today (on tuesday) we made love.

We thought it would be ok however after we finished I withdrew to find that the condom had broken and I had ejaculated inside her. Right now we are both very worried about the possibility of her being pregnant and unfortunately we can't get a hold of the morning after pill.

What are the chances that she is pregnant if its possible to put a rough number on it. She only missed the one day a little late but the combination of that and the condom breaking has made us very worried. This experiance I think is enough to turn us off sex for a few months, just the pain and stress we go through after something like this sometimes ultimately isn't worth the reward.

Any comments appreciated, thanks.


Posted: 27 Sep 01:01


umm i dont think you have anything to worry about
she wasn't even a whole day late right?
she was supposed to take it sunday night but instead took it monday morning?
i think you guys are in the clear, plus she had one in her system once you guys had sex.


Posted: 27 Sep 01:02

I agree that your chances of getting pregnant are slim, however it is possible. The hardest thing about being on the pill is remembering to take your pills. When you miss one it increases your chance of getting pregnant and also can mess with the menstrual cycle.

Peleus I think your final statement is a very wise and mature one... if you are not ready to handle whatever may come out of sex, it is best not to have it. Most people don't really think about this, they are stuck in the "it can't happen to me" mindset. I was 16 when I got pregnant and I ended up having my daughter 2 weeks after I turned 17. I would not change that for anything, but I would not suggest it to anyone. It is very hard to raise children and the younger you are the more difficult. You have to give up your life to raise another.


Posted: 27 Sep 01:02

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