The good news is that if the problem is her clitoris then there are some easy steps you can take to help her enjoy herself. Easy does it should be the general rule of thumb, or in this case, tongue. Communication and teamwork are essential for success, so before getting started get her to agree to guide you along the way.

Since the clitoris is the most sensitive part of the vagina, and in her case more sensitive still, leave it to the end … focusing your love and attention on everything but! Also refrain from too much foreplay ahead of time so that she is not overly stimulated by the time you get down south. Gentle and medium pressure are your best friends in this case. Begin gently, starting by running your tongue with medium pressure along the outer areas of her vagina (the labia).

Slowly work your way in and continue as usual, but avoiding her clitoris. Take plenty of time and ask her to give you a cue (perhaps a little squeeze of the hand) when she is ready, at which time you can move to the clitoris. Keep medium pressure and pace while making circles around the base of her clit. Don’t linger too long, stay only a few seconds and then move back down towards her vaginal opening, moving back up when you get her cue. You can use your fingers around and inside her vagina to distract her and place the focus on other sensitive areas.

Posted: 17 Aug 19:06