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One common goal amongst virtually all guys is to last longer during sexual intercourse. Unfortunately, most men can’t last as long as they would like and feel inadequate because of it. The first thing that needs to be understood is that the state of mind a person is in has a huge effect on their sexual performance. Getting all uptight and worried is going to do you no good; neither is having a partner that gets really angry about it. Both parties need to work together to improve the situation, and the most important thing is to stay positive.

The first principle behind the techniques and suggestions listed below is the man’s ability to know his own body. By understanding how his body works and how his excitement rises, he should be able to learn how to pace himself better. It is key to know when to slow down to allow your excitement to drop enough so that you can "re-group" and then pick up the pace again. The second principle has to do with decreasing the sensitivity of the penis. By decreasing the sensitivity, it will take more stimulation to achieve the excitement necessary for climax. The following techniques and suggestions should help boost his sexual stamina, but they are not miracle cures, it will take patience and the right attitude to make things better.

Start & Stop Technique
The primary principle of this technique is to stimulate the penis until near ejaculation, and then stop stimulating to allow the level of excitement to drop. This exercise can be performed alone, or with a partner, and should be repeated 3 to 5 times per session. After 2-6 weeks of using this technique you should notice an improvement in your sexual stamina and will eventually not even have to use it to outlast your partner.

Squeeze Technique
Right before you feel you are about to ejaculate, approximately three or four strokes away, stop stimulating and squeeze the base of your penis by wrapping your thumb and index finger around it. Apply firm pressure, focusing on the urethra, the tube running along the underside of the penis. This lessens the tension and holds back the ejaculatory response. Be sure to apply pressure a few strokes before ejaculating … if you wait too long, it may be too late! You should be able to apply this technique anywhere along the shaft of the penis, as long as it squeezes the urethra.

Regular Masturbation
A great method for boosting sexual stamina and releasing sexual tension is regular Masturbation. By masturbating more often, you can train yourself to become more used to the stimulation. As you get more and more used to it, it should start taking you progressively longer to climax.

Wearing Condoms
Many couples have claimed that wearing condoms significantly reduces the stimulation of intercourse for both partners, but especially the male. If you are not already using condoms to protect against STDs/STIs and pregnancy, try wearing them to increase your stamina. If necessary, consider wearing a thicker condom, it should make a large difference in the amount of stimulation that you feel.

Sex Toys
Following the same line of logic as in 'Regular Masturbation' above, you can use sex toys to help you become more 'immune' to the pleasure. Sex simulators are recommended over regular vibrators, but both should work.

Posted: 23 Aug 19:23


Wow do I hate the feel of a condom, but it does slow him down. My bf is often quick if we have not had sex in a few days.
One point that is missed here, or perhaps I over looked it. The man should hydrate. Drink lots of water prior to sex. He can't pee and cum at the same time. It's kinda like that saying, morning wood is the best sex. Anyway, it works for us. I think age plays a large part also in the hydration theory. We are mid 20's

Posted: 14 Apr 15:35

I had a bf in my younger days who came really quickly when we first started hooking up. What worked for us was to get him to cum as quickly as possible to get over the anxiety of lasting long enough... Face the fear and conquer it! It took a few times, but it didn't take long for him to get him into the good range.

Posted: 25 Apr 03:07

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