OP: My favorite things that a women does to please me

I love when a woman goes out of her way to please me. It’s my biggest turn on when a women wants to fulfill my sexual fantasy’s. I’ve had many girlfriend give me my MFM threesome and her with me and multiple men. I’m very dominate and my girlfriends are usually very submissive....I want my girl to also be ultra submissive to other men too.

I’ve had 3 girlfriends give me my ultimate fantasy, her having sex me and watching her with multiple guys at once. Seeing my girl barebacked with a guy in her ass, a guy in her pussy and another guys cock in her mouth. I’ve watched one of my girlfriend look directly at me as she was being fucked by 3 complete strangers. I watched her pounded in her pussy and and ass at the same time. My girl looked over at me as I was stroking off watching her as she barebacked one guy in her asshole, the other guys was in her pussy, she locked eyes with me while she sucked another, she kept eye contact as she made each man cum. The first guy that she made cum was because she was sucking him off, she can deepthroat a cock, I watched this guy with a huge cock fuck her throat, the entire time she looked at me, she only closed her eyes as he came in her mouth, she opened her mouth and showed me what he did, right before she swallowed it. The other two guys kept pumping on her long after she make the first guy pop. I’d never seen my girl covered in so much sweat, she was riding one guy, and the other guy had her from behind...he was buttfucking my best girl. I was wondering how long it would take, that’s whenI watched my girl look back to ask the guy what she could do to help him. He just pushed her face down into the other guys chest, her ass poking in the air as her grabbed her ass with both hands and he started to pound her super hard, I heard her Yelp but he just fucked harder.....it killed me and got me off seeing my sweet girl being sodomized.....she looked over to me, I’m sure hoping I’d help, she just watched as I jerked my self harder and watched her. This guy kept fucking for 10 long minutes....the I watched him bury it deep as he came in my girl, as this stranger was cumming in her ass, I unloaded on her face, that’s when the guy she was riding watched us cum....i looked at the girl I love, she had my cum on her face, I watched as her asshole gapped and dripped cum, her pussy was also dripping, she kissed me and told me thank you for all the fun, she loves the attention of other men.

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