OP: What porn did you watch today?

What porn did you watch today? I'm interested to know what the trend is now, what people are excited to watch.

Today I couldn't find any porn that I liked, so I went to look at webcam models.

Posted: 12 Jul 19:06


Greetings! I watch porn every day, and it's different every day. I decided to explore different categories and fetishes. I made a bookmark list of what I plan to watch and choose from that every night. Today my plan was to watch porn with hot moms https://mompornlove.com/. Previously, I have not really watched this category, and it's pretty much in vain. Older ladies know a lot about sexual pleasure, not like young babes.

Posted: 12 Jul 19:14

I haven't watched any porn yet today. I just finished work and had dinner. I think I'll watch the first thing that comes up in a google search for "porn". I'm too tired to look for anything special today.

Posted: 12 Jul 19:17

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