OP: I've returned

I'm g-dubz I was a member back at the old site so I've come back once again. I wonder if EvilEvilKitten, DancingDoc2 and some of the other users will come back.

Posted: 21 Dec 06:36


Hey!, Welcome back!!

I haven't reached out to anyone yet... was hoping to make a lot more improvements to the functionality of this new forum before doing so... as well as getting a move on importing the best of the best from the prior era. So much to do... so little time.

What do you think of the new site?

Posted: 21 Dec 23:34

Hello everyone.
Good to see the old website is back, thanks mod for making the effort to get all of this together, hopefully meet some new people again. the website looks good so far with what i have seen, happy to help out where needed.

Posted: 27 Dec 06:51

Welcome back CLVR-HNDS_GUY!

It's great to see some of the OG's coming back!

I've got a long way to go before I can say I'm happy with where everything is... but at least we now have a much stronger foundation to move forward on... and this time around, I'm able to actually make all of the improvements to the system myself! :D

Biggest help right now would just be pointing out the stuff that I've done wrong / not very well / or that I need to do ASAP to make your time here a pleasure... I've got a huge list that's constantly growing, so feedback on what's important to you would be very helpful to get that list prioritized... and of course some patience would also be nice since I'm juggling a lot... (1 man show behind the scenes - 3d rendering included).

At the moment, the top priority is importing all of the best of the best from the prior forum, getting those posts connected to user accounts for the old top members, and then getting tons of forum functionality in place...

ex: I'm assuming most people will want to be able to edit their posts... especially if they make anywhere near as many typos as I usually do. Reporting posts... a page that has all new posts to avoid having to click through all the forums... all the stuff you'd expect on a forum that you enjoy coming back to. :)



Posted: 27 Dec 07:08

On that note... I really really need to fix the usernames overflowing to the second line... just looks horrible!

Posted: 27 Dec 07:09

Sorry for the late response since I've been busy. Overall I'm liking the new site although I'm finding the avatars to be a bit creepy looking although I guess that's something I'll have to get used to lol. Although I was hoping that some of the old stickies made by Brandye, EEK, and DD2 would get repurposed as articles on the main page since they've seemed to have gotten lost in the sauce during the import.

Posted: 02 Jan 02:10

Definitely not lost... I'm only about 40-50% of the way through the forum import... it's all being done by hand as the old forum wasn't being pruned anywhere near enough... and then was eventually over run by mostly low quality and repeating posts. There are quite a few of them pinned already, and you should be seeing the rest over this week... (takes a while to get through 25k+ threads). Linking the outer site up with the forum is on the to-do list, just need to get through the import first...

Creepy?? that's not the vibe I was going for... is it the lack of expressions, or something else?

Posted: 02 Jan 03:05

Idk I guess it's just the way they "look" like its not something I can fully articulate. That said I'd also like to know what the plans are for the forums going forward if I may ask cuz it feels like the forums have started to run their course with the help of social media and other sites.

Posted: 02 Jan 18:32

If you come up with any more detail on the avatar question, please let me know...

I'm going to start a new thread in feedback for the future of the forum question.

Posted: 02 Jan 19:27

Hey so I’m officially back as well. :)

Hope everyone has been well

Posted: 16 Feb 20:41

Interesting site, wish it were more active.

Posted: 14 Apr 13:44

I agree... I think a few of us need to follow your lead to get the ball rolling... you're doing a great job getting things started! It was a very pleasant surprise to see some action on here this week.

Posted: 20 Apr 19:08

Hi guys! I'm back :)

Posted: 19 Jun 12:28

Welcome back to the community. Enjoy!

Posted: 15 Jul 08:17

Hello and welcome to the community dude. lol

Posted: 27 Aug 10:13

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