OP: Female orgasm after 3 weeks of abstinance

I know how I am when going without orgasm or sex for 3 weeks. Is it the same for women such as cumming too quickly or one outstanding orgasm?

Posted: 26 Sep 17:51


This kind of orgasm is amazing

Posted: 24 Feb 22:48

Yes, you can indeed cum early, but it's worth noting that if you have an experienced enough partner, you'll last a long time before you cum. Also, your orgasm will be much more vivid due to your earlier abstinence. I know this from experience as well as anyone. While my husband was away on a business trip, we didn't have sex for over a month and I just had to watch porn like https://xdesix.com/ and keep myself in check, but when he arrived, we had crazy sex!

Posted: 26 Feb 16:50

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