OP: UTI's a symptom of Chlamydia & Gonorrea?

I'm new here.

I've had a recurring problem with UTI's. I get them all the time - like, once a month or once every two months. And boy, do they suck. Each time I go to the doctor and am prescribed a round of antibiotics that clears it up. But apparently it's not working that well because they keep coming back. I've been getting them like this for about the last two years or so? I sometimes go through periods where I won't get one for up to six months, but that is rare. Anyway - 3 of the last 4 times I have gone to the doctor for this, where they have you give the urine sample to test it for bacteria, my urine culture has come up negative for a UTI. I have all of the symptoms, yet the tests show I don't have a UTI. My Dr. has been prescribing me the antibiotics anyway to take away the symptoms. But, I am seeking a more long-term solution, so I asked her if there was any other treatment for chronic UTI's besides this one antibiotic. She said yes, there was, but that she wasn't willing to give it to me because of the fact that technically the lab tests say I don't have a UTI.

She said that the next time I get one, I should get tested for Chlamydia and Gonorrea because that could be what is causing my fake UTI's. This freaked me out. I don't want to have STD's. I don't even know where I would get it from either. I am sexually active but in a monogamous relationship and my BF doesn't have any symptoms. This is also the first relationship that I've not used condoms, so I would think he is the only person I could have possibly contracted it from if I really do have an STD.

Anyway - does anyone here have either of one of those STD's or know more about them to tell me what they are like? Anyone have any advice?

I know I should probably just go in and get screened for all STD's but now I am really scared. Stupid, I know. I never thought it would happen to me - I've been so careful! I am wondering whether I should really be worried or whether my Dr. is just a quack. I've only been seeing her for about the last 8 months, but recently I've been questioning how good she is and whether I should continue to see her.


Posted: 28 Sep 00:21


the doctors told my dad the wrong information...his penis had swollen to where his testes was the size of softballs because of cancer and organic fluids in his body because of cancer.

all i can say, is that i wish you the very very best of luck.


Posted: 28 Sep 00:21

We could get into a philosophical debate between US and European physicians but while that would interest your doctor and me, you would not learn much. In my European view, the use of the anti-biotics repeatedly has allowed whatever is infecting you to become resistant to the one drug being used. The only answer, if this is the case, is to go to a stronger anit-biotic.

I absolutely agree with your doctor that you should be tested for chlamydia and gonorrhea. As careful as you seem to have been, condoms have a failure rate with STD just as they have with pregnancy. Both of these bacterial diseases can be carried and transmitted without symptoms in the carrier, such as your b/f. That is not accusative of your b/f; it is the reality of STDs. They can be sneaky.

I would not jump to the conclusion that your doctor is not competent. I would recommed that as soon as you show any symptoms, get to a clinic or other test site to eliminate the STD angle. Then see what is recommended. In the meantime, you and your b/f, without condoms. may be passing something back and forth. How about you both get tested and use condoms until you get to the bottom of this.


Posted: 28 Sep 00:22

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