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Hello everyone, I'm new to the forums, and I think this is the correct section to make a post on this topic.

In the past (few years ago), I was able to take a ~1.25-1.50" diameter dildo roughly 14" deep into my colon. The dildo was very soft / flexible, so there was only minor discomfort when I had to pass the "bends" of the colon.

I know the feeling if the dildo can / cannot get past the bends.

I've been working up the size over the years, but I recently bought a new large dildo.
It's the Rascal - Black Balled 11" Dong (2.70-3.00" diameter), and is medium-firm in flex / stiffness factor.

I'm able to take roughly 6" of it (roughly the full length of the rectum), but I cannot get it past the 1st bend. The dildo is not bending enough to smoothly get past without much pain... and I'm know if I push it too hard, I'll rupture the colon.

I've seen videos of people able to take the whole 10-11" without any issues... and I'm wondering if it has something to do with my body shape/size (I'm 5'-4").

I also have a DocJohnson - Dik Rambone (2.25" Diameter), but that too is stiff and cannot get past the 1st colon bend.
(My new 3" dildo actually bends more than the DikRambone.)

IF anyone is able to take a dildo something similar to this in Size / Stiffness, could you please give some advice as to how to get it in deeper more smoothly?

Also, please post your height as well.

- Thanks.

dredogol 08/22/2010

Posted: 23 Sep 08:06


Toyslut, thanks for the tips and encouragement. I’ve gone back to slimmer toys for depth practice and managed to get a 19”/52cm threaded snake and its base inside behind a closed pucker, and later in the same session a medium crack stuffers depth trainer up to the beginning of its grip, prob 55-60 of 70cm total.
Amazing and satisfying, whilst I am sure a lot is stretching of the descending colon and not much is the transverse colon yet swallowing dildos across my torso, it was a fantastic session and a significant step forward.
Also managed 55 cm of a stylised horse cock, but one with a more human knob and at about 45 cm a several cm step- increase in circumference as the sheath starts. Fucking ace feelings as the head probes deeply at my rib cage and suddenly the anus has to make room and expand at the same moment. Glorious
I’ve also treated myself to a seahorse in xxl format to expand my hole to the max. I think that’ll be my skeletal limit if I master it as it’s soft enough to squidge into the available opening. Love the contours and bumps as a contrast to concentrating on slim depth at other moments.
Currently 85% done, watch this space to see if my pelvis has space enough for me to get sat on its balls one day.
Thanks again for the tips and encouragement, if any more experience crosses your mind, please share.

Posted: 21 Oct 21:44

Re seahorse xxl, on reflection I think I was 65-75% done! But a few minutes ago pressed my buttocks against the balls on that baby.
I’m knackered and loose, but that’s been a hell of a few days trying to go a little further each time.
More feedback once I’m comfy doing so and as I look at depth again now.

Posted: 28 Oct 02:11

How about insert hand that can help you to for train ? then you can put a dildo long 25 inch ?i want try with my husband but we dont know if is good idea

Posted: 18 Feb 22:28

I have a 7.5 x 2" cut cock. An am patiently waiting to find someone who is able to take it in. If any of you are from Washington state hit me up at dtfyou2nite@gmail im 29 an decent looking as well. I love anal, but never met someone with a ass wanting played with. Im in Easter Washington an would go above and beyond for some dp action.

Posted: 27 Feb 17:53

Well, my life has certainly changed.
I have been suffering from a spinal injury about 2 years ago, and in the autumn of last year, had to go live with friends where a
ball-less (more insertable length) Dick Rambone would be just too much to explain, and a 27 by 3 and half inch dildo would probably get me killed.
So...I hadda chop em up.
Three chunks each one.
Last 6 months found tools around the new place and time alone to scratch the itch, the best being small baseball bats.
Problem there is having to hold in position to permit full depth available straight line, which is about 23 inches for me before hitting ribcage.
Best done on left side or back.
Almost bought a flex foam bat, but too risky there.
Also been riding down on tapered containers to keep the perineum stretched,
wine bottles, peanut butter jars.
Also been pushing hard to prolapse slightly, then stuffing that into a coffee mug, then allowing the suction to swell it up over 10 minutes.
Moved again 3 weeks ago and probably not going to see much privacy at all for a long time, but when I did one day, used 3 rounded knobby end fireplace tools together and they also were good for 23 inches.

I HIGHLY ADVISE against anyone attempting such stunts with stiff objects without decades of experience and due caution..

Very happy to have spent a few glorious months jamming myself all the way down onto the Crackstuffer's 80mm depth "trainer".
I didn't need training, I went wild on it and slammed on it as hard as I could.

I'll write more later if there's any more to tell.

I'll be watching for more questions.

Posted: 25 Apr 03:29

Hello all, I'm Danny and I live in Shippensburg Pa, a small college town. I know this is quite and old post but I love doing anal so much and sucking big cock (I hope that's okay to say), I just had to comment when I saw it. I started doing anal long before I ever had my first girlfriend, because I was a very horny young guy and my masturbation habits just kind of led me to anal sex.
I started with the joystick from one of my early video games and oh what joy it brought. Anyway a few years later around 19 I got my first girlfriend and let me tell you what a huge disappointment sex was with a girl...no offense intended, just NOT for me, so I quickly ended it and bought my first dildo. It was the Doc Johnson 12" double ended jellie in purple and after only about the second attempt I was able to take all twelve inches and let me say the first time i felt it make the turn I instantly had a mind blowing orgasm all over myself. My tiny sissy dick erupted so hard that I came all over my face and I knew then for sure that big cock was exactly what I've been craving all of these years and nothing has ever made me cum harder before in my life.
It was no time at all until I was in the adult book store buying a new and bigger dildo, because as my boipussy loosened up and stretched out I just wanted more girth, I needed it! Of course I watch a lot of sissy hypno now and watch them lucky sissies take huge black cock all of the time and I'm jealous as can be, so I keep buying bigger and bigger dildos, the problem i have found , is once I got to more than 7 inches of girth and 12 inches of length I no longer feel them make that turn, which felt so amazing with that , what seems tiny little 12 inch Doc Johnson jellie.
To sum up, in my experience, I'm still going just as deep and even deeper than I did way back then, so I know for sure the dildo is deep enough to have made that turn, but maybe because of how long and hard I have pounded it out so to speak, I no longer feel it doing so. Maybe I have just straightened out that, no sure, but I do know that I will continue to go bigger every few months to keep fulfilling my sissy desires.

Posted: 11 Oct 22:56

So I've bought the longest dildo I can find, 100cm, which is almost 40", and have been able to go full depth. Getting past the splenic flexure is the hardest part. I was wondering if anyone has gone deeper, and what did you use. I can't seem to find anything longer. I know I can go deeper, I was simply limited by the length of my toy.
I would love to see them make a Slink twice as long as they currently make them. I think that would be the ultimate toy.

Posted: 15 Jan 01:23

The size of the dildo is different for each person. Someone can fit a large dildo painlessly, while others suffer from pain even during insertion. I have been dating a girl for a long time. We tried anal sex a few times to add something new. But she was in a lot of pain, so we ended quickly. I always wanted to try anal sex, so I bought a realistic sex toy https://www.ovdoll.com/p/realistic-sex-dolls/, and for a good reason. My girlfriend was sympathetic to it; well, I fulfilled the dream.

Posted: 18 Mar 11:35

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