OP: Avatar Requests

Want additions to the avatar system? I'm all ears!

Posted: 15 Nov 04:11


The old site had avatars with mo clothes. Watching the positions with clothes tales away from the visual. Plus the old site had motion with it. Why the change??

Posted: 10 Apr 15:31

The old site didn't have the avatar system, but the positions were nude and animated. Nudity unfortunately causes a lot of problems in this world, so I decided to go no-nude for the revamp. Creating a nude edition is possible, but it will take nearly a full month of FT work - which I don't have time for at the moment.

Re: the animation - HD animations take a long time to pose to render... we're talking upwards of 6 months of full time work... Something I don't have time for at the moment, makes it way harder to add new positions, doesn't work well with all the screen sizes the site needs to support, uses up way more server bandwidth, and only captures one loop of movement when there is so much more movement range possible. The old site had half as many positions, pretty low definition, and many of the animations weren't that great.

I also want to make a special pregnancy set, as well as in the kitchen, bathroom, tub, more in the car, etc... and figure out how to get more ethnicities involved... adding animation would put all of those years away.

Posted: 10 Apr 17:46

I think more sets/positions are more important than animations, although I look forward to that possibility too.

Posted: 18 Apr 13:44

I tend to agree... although animation is great, it's just too much trouble.

More positions are coming very soon. Just populating the polls section so that it can be launched.

Posted: 18 Apr 17:42

some positions require furniture to work. Like giving oral to a partner sitting on a desk, while giver kneels on floor or sits on a chair.

Posted: 25 Nov 14:23

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