OP: What do guys need to know about her period?

Other than ask my girlfriend, what we as partners can we do to soften the blow of the menstrual cycle? Its an intimidating topic and I'm pretty sure a lot of guys like myself need advice. I know the effects differ from person to person and cycle to cycle, but what are general things we can do or not do?


Posted: 02 Oct 23:20


I dont usually have this problem, but its really annoying if a girl is in a bad mood or snappy mood (usually b/c of something the boyfriend did) he might have the comeback of... oh she's on the rag, or whatever. and totally blame everything on her and her hormones.


Posted: 02 Oct 23:21

Your opening is right on. Ask her. We all differ with our preferences and sexual desires at that time. I share Demon's dislike of everything being blamed on our hormones.

For some women, the period is no big deal. It appears, they deal with it and it is gone. Others are really wiped out each month. Usually the really bad reactions are the few days before the flow starts. The changing mix of hormones causing bloating, depression, water retention, general discomfort and for some devaststing headaches. Most of us are somewhere in between and our feelings regarding sex are from experience rather than physiological reaction. As the flow begins, there is often cramping but the urine output increases and the other physical symptoms disappear.

I am fairly typical, physically, except that my flow is very heavy and blessedly short. A typical "month" begins on a Tuesday when I start feeling generally crappy; Wednesday
and Thursday the bloating is noticeable (to me) and I often change to a larger bra size or even take a mild diuretic. My mood is low and I have to be careful about being short and snappy with others. Friday some mild to moderate cramping and the flow begins as do trips to relieve myself and all symptoms, except the flow, are gone on Saturday. That Wednesday through Friday, I am tired and draggy and prefer being alone. Saturday, I am pretty much my regular self and the sexual urges return regardless of the mess potential. That is what dark beach towels are for. Monday it is all over but I sleep that night with some protection from spotting.

OK. every woman will have some variations on this often including no sex until the flow has stopped and usually flowing another day or two.

Among teens who have not yet completely adjusted to the new hormone cycles, reactions are less predictable and more pronounced. I prefer to be treated like any other day but respect my privacy.


Posted: 02 Oct 23:21

Buy lots of chocolate and don't piss her off!

Like Brandye said we are all different and it's best to talk and get to know your woman. I for one am very sensitive to noise and need things to be calm. PMS gives me this internal rage that isn't rational so it's not a good time for me to make big decisions or fight with my loved ones. I also get very crampy and just feel yucky.

I'm lucky that my man has taken a big interest in my cycle as a way to understand me and my moods. He knows PMS and periods are real and can be hard on a woman. I commend you for taking the same steps to understand your woman.


Posted: 02 Oct 23:22

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