OP: Routine sex

My wife wants sex only once a week and only on the weekends. It is more of a "have to do" as opposed to a "want to do". She gets herself off with a a massager as I watch because she will not let me do that for her. I can touch her vagina, finger her, lick her or anything oral at all. Once she is done with her orgasm she then performs oral on me for about a minute maybe at the most two minutes. Then we have sex in the position we chose for that evening. This seems to be routine but not sure if this is about average for couples who are married. I have read where the statistics state that once a week is the average but it is not what I hear from actual people such as friends, etc.

Posted: 15 Sep 13:33


I would kill for this. My wife has no interest in sex. We've had sex a total of 5 times this year. She never does oral on me and rarely allows me to do it for her. There is only one position allowed. She rarely touches me at all and as soon as she's orgasmed, I'm on the clock to finish quickly or she may randomly decide to end sex regardless of whether or not I have finished.

Posted: 13 Nov 03:27

What you hear could be a bit of the Toupee Fallacy (you think all toupees look fake and ugly, because the good ones just look like hair). The friends who are talking about their sex lives are probably the more sexual ones, while the ones who only have sex once a week are either embarrassed because they think they are deficient and *should* be having more sex or they don't think about sex that much so they don't talk about the sex they aren't having.

Posted: 09 Dec 11:21

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