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hey! i want to know something.

i talked to my friend (she is 33 yrs old) and i was talking to her about how my period just comes whenever it wants to and it comes VERY painful and very heavy. she told me that i should go to a gyno to check it out.

should i get a pelvic exam because of this? or is there anything else i can do for it? its annoying because i ALWAYS have to carry a tampon and a pad with me (i hav to wear both so i dont leak) and its extremely painful...i usually end up curled up in my bed and i cant get to sleep because it hurts...my mom suggested going on birth control?
i dunno it sucks cuz i like DREAD getting period is that necessary? if anyone else has had this problem and fixed it some how...how did u fix it? i just dont like being up all night cuzza cramps and always being paranoid about getting my period.

sori im rambling but my original question was what can i do for this problem and should i get a pelvic exam.

just some info btw i am 13 yrs old and i started my period when i was 9 and a half.

any help would be greatly appreciated.



Posted: 27 Sep 05:26


Hey Mariah
I would probably get checked out b/c that isn't normal.
It shouldn't be THAT painful. I have a lil discomfort but nothing major.
I know its scary going to the gyno but once the first time is over w/... the rest aren't AS bad, lol.


Posted: 27 Sep 05:26

For the first few years of my period they just came whenever they wanted and the cramps were killer. I remember going to the nurse in middle school just so I could lay down because of them.

The cramps got a little better over the years but not much.
I didn't get regular till I was 18 and in college. I started when I was 12. The cramps these past couple of years haven't been that bad. Every now and then I have a bad case but nothing like they used to be.

And now that I wear tampons, I do wear a light day pad under then because I do leak every now and then.

I've found that the playtex heat therapy pads help some though for the cramps.

My question right now is do you have any kind of hint as to when your period is coming.. like sore breasts or anything?
If you do, you could take like a couple advil (or whatever pain reliever you use) each day till your period starts and then that day, take however many you need. I've found that helps a little.

But you know, to be on the safe side, you could always go see a gyno and get checked out.


Posted: 27 Sep 05:26

One office visit and a lil discomfort and embarrassment lol is better than having such a bad period, in my opinion.
That would get annoying it coming all the time any time and being so painful.
I guess Im lucky mine were never that bad.


Posted: 27 Sep 05:26

Puberty and the onset of menses is a major readjusting of your hormones. It takes several years for this to complete. Most young to mid teens have erratic periods for four or five years. This can be a problem because if your period is irregular, so is your ovulation. You never know when you are fertile.

The most common treatment, and used too soon in many cases, is to go on the pill. This can regulate your period and usually reduces discomfort. Talk to your doctor. I advocate that all women have a complete gyn exam by two years after their period starts and certainly before starting sex.


Posted: 27 Sep 05:27

My wife deals with that time of the month that lasts like forever. We have sex every weekend which is fine for us. However, on days her period or bleeding is going on I am not in the mood so we forego the sex. Her period started on 15 May then that day till 10 June it was that time of the month. Then that weekend we had sex which was great. No bleeding, no time of the month, nothing of that sort since it finally ended on either 9th or 10th of June. Guess what? It is back and it has only been 5 days. So that cock blocking "Aunt Flo" is back for another two or three weekends and this is our vacation weekend. I don't understand how women can say "I only bleed for about 4 to 7 days" and I am like "really? that is not a period. A period lasts 10 or more days" This is how it has been since we have been married for 30 years. I mean what gives? Who are these women having 4 day periods? What planet are they from or is my wife from a different planet?

Posted: 16 Jun 01:48

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