Hi Brucemacias!

Yes! Absolutely! A person can have an orgasm from a foot massage. Masters and Johnson discovered in their sex lab that humans can have an orgasm in practically any part of the body. My own research bears this out. After the genitals the feet are one of the easiest parts of the body to exeprience an orgasm.

That said, the non-genital orgasms are centered in whatever other part of the anatomy they are provoked and radiate outwards just like a genital orgasm. The feelings of exhilaration or dreaminess are similar to what we feel after a genital orgasm, but the orgasm itself feels different-although it is just as overwhelming and we are just as vulnerable while it is happening.

My wife and I have found that as far as the feet are concerned it is basically a tickling that causes orgasm. You and your wife will have to experiment, practice , to discover just how gentle or hard a touch is correct. It is also important to learn to overcome the usual reaction to being tickled. It is better, for me, to just lie back, give in to it, and let it wash over me because that is what helps us get to orgasm. Resistance by tensing up, gritting your teeth , etc. will probably make the tickling sensation more unbearable. Actually we began giving each other foot massages simply for relaxation nearly fifteen years ago and we began to compete to see who was the least ticklish. It was only about 5 years ago, when we decided to revive our sexlife that we began to experience non-genital and total body orgasms.

TAKE NOTICE: in the case of a foot rub, just as in the case of any other erotic/sensual massage or even in the case of giving/receiving head the receiver should not feel that she or he is under obligation to have an orgasm nor should the giver feel that there is an obligation to give an orgasm. Also it may take several sessions, even months for her to achieve orgasm this way.

Begin in a cumfortable environment. Our bedroom is best for us. Romantic lighting, whatever music you consider sexy. We tend to go for hypnotic "world music" or opera arias. Candles, incense, anything else that makes you feel sexy.

Begin by carressing her feet, tops, sides, bottoms, each toe individually. At first when you touch the bottoms of her feet you might want to use the palms or heels of your hands and apply a little bit of pressure because if she IS ticklish you don't want her jumping and kicking and giggling and distracting you both.

After two or three minutes on her feet you can work your way up her legs, carressing gently as you go-as far as the thighs, then work back down to the feet. At this point you could apply some warmed massage oil to your hands and work it in really well, beginning at the ankles and tops of the feet and eventually making it to the soles. For me it is very important to give plenty of attention to the toes also. Symmetry and balance are very important to my way of thinking and my way of making love.

Now you can begin experimenting with a lighter touch on the soles of her feet. Lay your fingers flat so that the tips of your fingers are even with the tips of her toes. With most of the weight of your arm on your fingers slowly slide your hand toward the heel until the fingertips pass the heel and leave the foot. Don't make contact with just the fingertips, use touch her foot with the entire palm of your hand-at first. Now repeat the movement over and over, but each time using a lighter touch and each time a little less of the entire hand until eventually you are using only the fingertips. I like to end up using the tips of only the index, middle and ring fingers.

At this point she just might begin to feel ticklish. Whenever this happens stop, talk to her gently and tell her you are going to do it again, to relax and if it seems too intense to tell you calmly, at which point you will stop again. Remember, GETTING OVER THE TICKLE REFLEX is a big part of making this work. If when you begin again she still feels ticklish, stop, wait a few seconds and resume, but making contact with a larger area of your hand and applying more pressure so as not to tickle her.

As she learns to supress the tickle reflex better you can begin to lightly drag your fingernail over her soles. Also use "toys." Anything silk rubbed over her feet. I have old silk neckties that we use for bondage, foot pleasing and anything else kinky that comes up. Also a backscratcher dragged across the soles, any sort of massage toy and a feather could come in handy also.

The first session should last probably no more than fifteen minutes unless you both desire that it continue. As I said- don't expect her to cum the first or even the second or third time; it takes practice on both parts.

If you wish to experiment beyond the feet you will find that the legs, arms, hands, back, breasts and nape of the neck (places that are usually considered erogenous zones and have a concentration of nerve endings) are all places where we can have non-genital orgasms. In my personal opinion what we are doing here is about the same as what magazines from Cosmo to Men's Health present as " tantric sex techniques." I don't care what it is called I only know that it is enjoyable and a lot of fun to explore with a loving partner.

Remember that you need feedback from her. Also it might be good for her to give you the same treatment. I think it helps the learning process and besides you know the old saying: what's good for the goose is good for the gander.


Posted: 04 Oct 22:04