OP: Controversial and Side-Stream Fetishes

I have a few controversial fetishes/major preferences that I want to share. Are there any limits to them, and if so, what are they?
Anyways, one that I will share is a hemline/extended stripping and high heel fetish.

Posted: 14 Dec 23:36


Ok, I will try announcing one of my possibly controversial preferences -- white girls.
More specifically, the most common traits in girls I am turned on by are:
1. Tall but not tall enough to be called "giantess", which I find as a word to be a major turn-off. Usually this means a height of at least 5 foot 6 inches and a maximum of 5 feet 11 inches.
2. Slim enough to have great legs (in my own view) but not skeletal. This usually means a BMI of about 20.5 at most and 16 BMI models at skinniest. My ideal girl would have a BMI of about 19, however.
3. Slim, smooth, straight, light, and "defined" (like this: https://www.sizechart.com/pictures/dress-length.jpg) legs. She should have no leg hair or at least no noticeable leg hair, and she should not have any cellulite.
4. The balance between quietness and flirtatiousness or simply having both.
5. Either brown or blue eyes. I just don't like green eyes for whatever reason.
6. Having a small, narrow, and straight nose. That's often a big determiner for me in facial beauty.
7. Having a heritage from Northern Europe or the British Isles.
8. Having hair at least dark brown and at lightest medium blonde. The most common hair color of the girls who I like is dark blonde/light brown.

Posted: 16 Dec 02:01

Most of the hemline/extended stripping fantasies begin with her in an ultra-conservative floor-length dress. The veil covering the hair and part of face is first to go down.

Posted: 16 Dec 04:34

Adding more to the traits list:
9. The face should not be too big and preferably oval-shaped.
10. The lips and mouth should be small but the lips should still be noticeable (but thin).
11. The age should be 18-29. 20-23 is the best sub-range.


Loading fantasy_1_data.txt...
You are an Asian male with a rare disorder that causes the libido to rebound almost immediately after sex.
Layer 1: Veil
Gained: Face and hair (assume body shape looks like this: https://www.sizechart.com/pictures/dress-length.jpg). The skin color is similar to Sydney Sweeney. The eyes are blue (double lid) and the hair is dark blonde. The nose is small, narrow, straight, and subsequently has a long nose bridge. The face shape is oval.
Increase in sexual arousal: +15%
Starting Penis Hardness: Only in your head? (0.1%)
Possible actions: Flirt, Blowjob, handjob, thrust at clothed legs, thrust at clothed vagina, thrust at clothed butt, LOAD MORE
Chosen Action: Flirt and Blowjob

Posted: 17 Dec 02:05

Ejaculation consistency: 100% pre-ejaculate

Posted: 17 Dec 03:22

Ejaculation Quantity: Small
Fantasy: She lies on the bed. Seizing the opportunity, you pull down your pants and she abides. Her tongue feels great on your glans region and foreskin.

Posted: 17 Dec 04:47

1 minute later...
Layer 2: Gloves & Turtleneck
Gained: Hands & Neck are revealed. Her fingers are long and hot. Her neck isn't too bloaty.
Increase in sexual arousal: +10%
Starting Penis Hardness: 1% (What is this that tingle?)
Possible Actions: Flirt, Handjob, Blowjob, LOAD MORE
Selected Action (s): Flirt and Handjob

Posted: 17 Dec 15:03

Ejaculation consistency: 99% pre-ejaculate and 1% ejaculate
Ejaculation Quantity: Still very small (10% more)
Fantasy: The 23 year old's black gloves slipped off along with her red turtleneck. Her long, slim, and feminine fingers reflect her 19 BMI 5 foot 8 inch body.
Before even asking though, she knows it and begins stroking. Before you know it, the pre-ejaculate flows out followed with what liquid that seems unusually lighter than the rest...

Posted: 18 Dec 00:21

Layer 3: Pants to Opaque Tights + Upgrade to High Heels
Gained: She is no longer wearing pants (pants under dress are rather a turn-off for many) underneath her long floor-length black dress but thinner black tights -- even if they are opaque. She also upgraded from flats to 3-inch black high heels, although the instep still does not show. She now towers at 5 foot 11 inches.
Increase in sexual arousal: +11%
Starting Penis Hardness: 2% (There is that tiny tingle down there...)
Possible Actions: Flirt, Caress, Intercrural sex, Blowjob, LOAD MORE
Selected Action (s): Flirt, Caress, and Intercrural sex.

Posted: 18 Dec 01:28

CORRECTION: Intercrural sex is neither a viable option or selected option. Eliminate that. Also, I'm just going to ditch the whole tights system as she will only get tights when she strips into a miniskirt (mid-thigh and shorter) to even the transition into higher arousal.

Posted: 18 Dec 02:51

Ejaculation Consistency: 98% pre-ejaculate and 2% 2% ejaculate
Ejaculation Quantity: A few drops (30% more)
Fantasy: As you flirt and caress her hands, you suddenly want to throat her. You shove it deep in and you notice the fluid with a whitish tinge.

Posted: 27 Dec 14:55

Layer 4: Dress Tightening
Gained: Better view of her figure & better clothed humping.
Increase in sexual arousal: +9%
Starting Penis Hardness: 3% (the slightest bigger)
Possible Actions: Dry Butt Humping, Handjob, LOAD MORE
Selected Action(s): Dry Butt Humping
Ejaculation Consistency: 97% pre ejaculate and 3% ejaculate
Ejaculation Quantity: Four drops (33% more)
Fantasy: She gets flat down on her stomach. As it throbs, you get on top of her and thrust at her rear regardless of if there is true penetration or not. When you shoot a little goo, she moans especially loud.

Posted: 29 Dec 04:00

Layer 5: Ankle-Length
Gained: Humping access to ankles, insteps, and high heels.

Posted: 29 Dec 14:07

Increase in sexual arousal: +29%
Starting Penis Hardness: 10% (noticeably slightly swollen)
Possible Actions: High Heel Humping (pants on or off), Instep Humping (same condition as previous), Ankle Humping (same condition as previous), LOAD MORE
Selected Action(s): High Heel, Instep, and Ankle humping
Ejaculation Consistency (Average):

Posted: 30 Dec 03:07

… 90% pre-ejaculate and 10% ejaculate
Ejaculation Quantity (Average): A small arc (40% more)

Posted: 30 Dec 04:11

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