OP: BF's junk is too hairy and he cums quick...

My boyfriend and i have been together fer a little while and we have had sex for a few months. He nor I were either very experienced. I am very shy to talk to him about trying new things, and i think he may be too. I love oral sex and i shave but he doesnt. It's hard to give him head with all that hair. I cant do everything that I want to. Another thing that I am concerned about is that our sex is gret but he cum's way too fast. I never get the chance to. Although it is hard for me to orgasm (i dont know why) He doesnt last that long. But its not bad sex and im scared that hes going to thing i dont like his sex? How should i approach him with this? please?


Posted: 30 Sep 23:40


Be sincere- your post is. You love him, you want more, you'll help. Tell him so. That's a lot. Be gentle- we have very tender ego's when it comes to the "comes too fast" issue.

Masturbating him and stopping before it gets too intense can be a good exercise. Stroke him to an erection and have him tell you when he's close. Pinch the tip of his penis at that point. NOT TOO HARD! Just enough to change the sensation from "getting close" to simply stiff. Do it several times and then let him come. Encourage him, something like "Wow, 10 minutes, that was great" would work. (Don't throw in a blow job. That's a little too intense ).

When you move beyond the pinch technique- try moving from position to position. Don't settle into a rythm. Pounding away at a steady rythm in one position makes it tough to hold back.


Posted: 30 Sep 23:40

Well...lets look at your post, point by point:
1) His Hairy Crotch: This is easy! Someday soon, when he's coming over and you know you're going to be alone, be prepared with at couple of TRACK 3 Razors and some moisturizing shaving cream. Tell him that yo'uve always wanted to shave a guy down there...and reassure him it'll be fun for you both. Trust me, you won't cut him and he's gonna get hard as a rock! The bonus, is, if he cums, you'll be assured that he'll want to have sex again right away....and it will last longer
2) I don't know how old you are, but it sounds alot like inexperience talking here. YOU can slow things down. You can take a bit more control....and trust me..if u are both in your teen years, or even early twenties.....he WILL be able to get hard again so that would help yuou being able to have an orgasm!


Posted: 30 Sep 23:40

First things first . . . you must learn how to communicate, communication is the key to a relationship.
I have been in the same situation. My boyfriend didn't want to shave, but he wanted me to. So one day while we were alone, we took a shower and we negotiated. He would let me shave him, but only his shaft, not all of it, just enough that it didn't get in the way of oral. Secondly, many times, when a guy is unexperienced he cums quickly. My suggestion to you is 1) he takes care of you first, that way you won't be unsatisfied. or 2) have him masterbate earlier in the day and then when you two are ready, he'll last longer.

It takes time though, after a while he'll get used to the sensations and he be able to hold out longer. And remember, TALK! don't be shy, it will get you no where


Posted: 30 Sep 23:40

I used to have the same problem with my boyfriend for a while there, but luckily i didn't have to wait long at all.

My boy was cumming way to quickly and just as he'd come, i'd only just start to climax. Then when he was all pooped out, i'd keep on riding him to satisfy my needs, and i didn't care how long it took, either. He had to adjust from his last sex partner to me.

Much sooner rather than later, he realised he had to learn to control his erection so that i would get just as much pleasure, and to me, this is a REAL gentleman! This is done rather easliy on the guy's behalf (from what i know) - they distract their thoughts away from sex or let you ride them in ways that you feel AMAZING but doesn't feel AS GOOD to them in order to cum. Don't get me wrong, they think it's good, but not good enough (if you get what i mean?).

You really have to speak to your man, the only way to a fantastic relationship is through outstanding communication! Otherwise, you can forget it all together.

Let him know that women in general (esp. at younger ages) need a lot more pre-stimulation. Talk to him about getting him to make you cum a couple of times before having sex, whether it be through oral or masterbation, and make sure you're well lubricated. You can even tell him this during foreplay. Use phrases like "make me cum, damn, you feel good, touch me there". Even when he's touching you down there, let your hand/fingers slide in for a bit of guidance and erotically move his hand/fingers the way you want it to go.
If you just can't cum because it's 'one of those days', make sure you use lubrication. You know, either way, when and how the best way to tell your man is. Just make sure you guys communicate openly and about ANYTHING at all. make sure you both know you's are there for each other ALWAYS! Next thing you know, you'll be talking about things with your man you would never have even dreamt of talking about with the girls!!!

Secondly, "It's all in the mind". If you're thinking weird things and things not to do with the situation, you're not going to orgasm, full stop. You need to emotionally feel in the moment and feel close to your man. Concentrate on what's going on down there and how it feels. Close your eyes and imagine what's happening down there, etc. Just remember to "feel for the moment". Feel close and wanting to be closer.

Position yourself in anyway YOU please. If you can orgasm multiple times, GREAT! Just keep in control until you've orgasmed at least two or three times, then let your man take over and allow you both to cum together! yeh!

Just remember to talk to your man. There's doubt he'll be offended and plus, from that day forward, both you and your man will be having the love making sessions of your dreams!!

Good luck!


Posted: 30 Sep 23:40

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