OP: Sexual weirdness

Good morning. Let's talk about sexual fetishes! I know a lot of sexual fetishes that people like. But I'm curious what's weird for you! Personally, I don't notice oral caresses, and I see even less of them.

Posted: 22 Feb 22:21


Hello, I agree, there are many different fetishes that not everyone understands. However, I believe that people's choices and preferences should be respected as long as they are not against the law and morality. Personally, I don't see anything wrong with oral caresses. To me, it's very pleasurable. And it is very interesting to watch these videos too. I personally like to watch oral caresses, especially when a girl and a boy do it. I can see them here Bongacams. What I really don't understand and find strange is the use of violence. All that bondage, whips and the like don't appeal to me at all.

Posted: 28 Feb 00:01

Actually there are many such oddities, but everyone has the right to choose. I'm against perversions that break the law. There shouldn't be any! And everything else has its place.

Posted: 28 Feb 10:04

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Posted: 13 May 02:45

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