OP: bumps on shaft and scrotum

I have had bumps on the lower portion of my shaft and on my scrotum for as long as I have had pubic hair. The pubes come out of the bumps and I was wondering if these are just hair follicles or something else. They are there even after I shave and if I squeeze them like a pimple, there is a
yellowish-white discharge that is kind of chalky in texture, almost like the discharge from a blackhead. If they are just hair follicles, are they so pronounced on everyone? Or maybe do I just have thinner skin on my genitals? Any comments or advice would be appreciated.

-also, I'm not sexually active and I don't use public restrooms, so I don't think it could be an STD.


Posted: 27 Sep 05:12


Well, have you heard the term "if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it's a duck?"

Well if it looks like a pimple and acts like a pimple, it's probably a pimple.

If you squeeze them and puss comes out of them, then they are most likely just pimples. do you have oily hair? This probably goes without saying... but make sure you're washing every day to keep the bacteria down. Just like on your face. You obviously cannot use an acne cream down there, so basically just trying to keep the area clean is a good idea. Maybe wash it a couple times a day if you've been especially active or sweaty. You do have sweat glands in the pubic area and if they are a bit overactive, like most teen boys are, that will result in acne.

Acne doesn't just appear on your face... There is a neutrogena body wash just for that problem. Maybe you could try something like that?


Posted: 27 Sep 05:13

Don't worry they are sebacous glands. The white semi-solid stuff is sebum (which is secreted by the sebacous glands). In every hair follicle is a sebacous gland. The only reason that the ones on your scrotum and penis are more prominent is due to the thinner more fine skin of those areas. I suggest you do not try to squeeze them and if you ask your doc about them most likely he will say the same thing. Most every male has them and women do not notice so don't worry everything is normal.


Posted: 27 Sep 05:13

I have the same problem i have been worried about for a while. Almost near the bottom of my sack there is about 4 or 5 very noticeable bumps. I mean you can run your finger over them and feel them. And i do not recall having them before i started shaving down there so is that it? And im still a virgin so i doubt it anything sexual.


Posted: 27 Sep 05:13

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