OP: New Sex Positions

Know of a position that's missing from the main site? Please post here!

Posted: 15 Nov 04:13


Response to removed post: "Please add the helicopter position"

Hmmmm.... to the best of my knowledge the helicopter isn't a position, it's more of something men can do... They essentially roll their hips to get their penis swinging around like one of the blades on a helicopter...

I did a search to see if this has changed since the last I looked, but all I could really find were variations on the above theme, and a few positions titled helicopter that don't seem to make any sense for having that name...

Posted: 31 Jan 20:29

I've a fan for years this is a great site for info. I was wondering if you had thought of doing group sex positions? Like for threesomes or foursomes.

Posted: 13 May 22:04

Hey Leah,

I have considered it, but haven't really figured out a great way to structure it.... and concerned about the amount of variations it would create.

We have about 250 positions at the moment excluding the car ones... so the amount of variations that would come from adding a third person alone could be in the 1000s... not to mention the third party could be male or female, which could almost double it.

Add a fourth person with gender options... and it could take a decade if not several.

If you have any ideas on how to create it without committing to something so epic, I'm all ears!

Posted: 14 May 16:16

I like eating a lady with her arse on the edge of the bed with her legs hanging over the side. I kneel on the floor...

Eating a lady with her sitting on a desk, me between her legs sitting on a chair. You can then stand and screw her without her moving.

Posted: 07 Jan 16:23

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Posted: 17 Jul 16:35

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