OP: vaginal looseness and elasticity

My girlfriend says shes only been with 6 guys. When having sex with girlfriend, her vagina is really tight at first. But after I go down on her, give her an orgasm and make her real wet, she loosens somewhat.
We then do intercourse. At first she tells me to go slow but then her vagina loosens up and I can thrust pretty fast. What bothers me is that she doesnt moan much, but just sits there all relax while I thrust. She claims that shes been with only 6 guys but her loose vagina makes me think there's been more. Do women have naturally loose vaginas without having a lot of sex? I do know that vaginas vary in size like the penis. I just wonder if my girlfriend is BS-ing me about numbers.


Posted: 30 Sep 20:52


First of all never over question a female... they will eventually just get pissed off at you... just take her word for it and leave it there... you gotta trust her. Secound of all the size of her vagina has nothing to do with how many guys she has been. A woman's vagina is very stretchy and hence a baby could even fit in there. So no that is not true: the inside of her vagina's exasticity or whatever ... has nothing to do with how many men she has slept with. And finally the non-moaning thing... have you asked her what she likes in sex and what turns her on cuz you may not be pleasing her... be calm and patient with her and take her word and she will tell you if there is anything wrong with your performance. And most most lastly. Does she have even one brother or sister or when she was younger her room was right next to her parents? If so then she was sorta raised ever since she had her sexual peak to be quiet although she may be really turned on... if so then be again... calm and patient with her and to take little stteps to overcome this... like the next time you have sex tell her to breath and that it is ok and that no one can hear her... and tell her to have her mouth open... then a couple times of her being confortable with that tell her to moan with her mouth open... not too loud but to just moan a little.... and eventually ...with time... she will get louder and enjoy herself a lot better. It may not even be you but ask her ok and talk to her about things?
Hope i helped

Posted: 30 Sep 20:52

good post nodoubt
i just wanted to add, you say she starts out tight but then loosens up?
well thats how most women are. once they start getting aroused and their juices flowing...the vagina relaxes and expands some so that it is able to accomodate a penis.
as far as the moaning thing...not all women go crazy and howl like you see in porns. what you see their is called faking an orgasm lol
i myself am a quiet person so i never get real loud. sometimes i just like to relax, close my eyes, and concentrate and focus on the good feelings. i can have more intense orgasms that way.
hope this helps


Posted: 30 Sep 20:52

The vagina is actually shaped somewhat like a balloon - close at the entrance and then opening up. The vagina is amazingly elastic. This means it stretches easily and returns to its previous shape easily. The "tightness" is more the muscles around the entrance than it is the vagina. Relaxation is what you are noticing. Most, at least many, women are most "receptive" right after orgasm because part of that is a a myotonic reaction that leaves those muscles tired and relaxed.

You guys think of yourselves as big enough to stretch us! You do not present nearly the challenge of a baby's head coming the other way. Virtually every healthy vagina can accept virtually every penis in the world without trouble. We may have our preferences but those are not determined by our elastic limits.


Posted: 30 Sep 20:52

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