OP: New to site

Hi, a friend mentioned this site to me do I thought I’d give it a whirl. Looks like a fun place to discuss things I can’t discuss with all real life friends.

I’m 52 years old, a life long runner, divorced,blah, blah, blah. I’ll be glad to share any details of my life you might be interested in. Not sure how to get started.

Posted: 22 Nov 04:44


Hello Welcome to the website, its always good to have new people on here, its been going for a little while and only in the last few years it come back on, feel free to answer other questions around the website

Posted: 09 Aug 06:28

hey feel free to chat with anyone to start a new subject under the correct part, there is many people on here to be helpful and I am sure you will teach some of us too with your knowledge

Posted: 04 Dec 10:03

Welcome here, great to meet new people and learn something new.

Posted: 04 May 23:09

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