OP: No Animation available- Old user

Dear Moderator,
I have started using this website after many years. I remember when the last time I was using this website, there were animated videos for every positions, which were extremely extremely helpfll. But now I can only see a picture for every position. Am I missing something on my browser setting? or animations are no longer available? Please let me know.


Posted: 02 Jan 14:21


gone for me too

Posted: 11 Jan 19:08

Negative, the old animations got retired because they were too low definition. They are however available through the Patreon page (link in the footer)... and I've been wanting to bring them back on here in some way at some point when I have some free time.

Posted: 17 Jan 06:03

Really missing them 💛

Posted: 18 Jun 03:54

Thanks for this solution. Im also had the same situation.

Posted: 14 Aug 16:12

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